Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Mizu, mizu everywhere...

One of my close friends, SH, gave me a amethyst crystal as a belated gift the other day to 1) ward off stress 2) find love ( hmmmmmmm- i think only love that is coming my way is my dog who seems rather taken with me these days ) 3) bring you luck... Totally the opposite man.... I think i went back to having that "little black cloud" around me. Luckily... ex-fren didn't show up, then i will consider REALLY throwing the crystal away! kakaka - no, no. Anyway, i will wear it a bit more ... maybe it takes breaking into...

Well, after getting the crystal on thursday, on Friday, Mashi and I did our usual restaurant jaunts again. Lucky i went out with her because work was really killing me that day. That is why i theorized the crystal wasnt working.

It's easy to eat with her, cause sh
e is VERY foody adventurous, price not an issue ( ninja jones aside ) and basically we get to goss about others - good stress reliever.. It was lucky too cause @ 5 i was feeling i could kill the world ... Our initial plan to go to Food Foundry was vetoed as we decided to go somewhere nearer. Li' Bro who was working in Bangsar that day, joined us.

So where did we go? We went Mizu at Bangsar Village 1.... Did you know... i have
never been to bangsar village 1 before?? Horrors... that was my first time. I feel so jakun.... ..
I now know why this place is called Mizu- Japanese for water... the whole restaurant front has a water themed entrance..... We got a good seat, with great lighting, hopefully pictures turn out "gorgeous"
After you sit down, they will bring you some appetizers.. i think i tasted lotus root and carrots but can't make out the rest. It's served cold. I like the little cups they serve you in. Tasty... finished it up.

Then... we went wild with the next few dishes ...

Pan fried Foie Grais with sweet sauce serve with Daikon

The actual size of the bowl they serve us in...

I am by nature not a foie grais person. Foie grais is actually liver of a fattened goose or duck ... so liver for me is a no no. However, small nibbly bites are still ok by me. The sweet sauce they coat on top of this is actually nice. The liver taste still cannot be hidden from this, but ok, let's not shock this cat's sense at one go, bit by bit lah. Lil bro stuck his tongue out of this "liver, is liver" so we shared this amongst the two girls..

The Mizu Special

Nice dish, with Unagi and tempura prawn in this roll.. check out the close up... got small small fish eggs and goes so well with that sauceClose up of the roll

All time fav-Ebi Gyoza. Though pork will be my thumbs up

Garlic Fried Rice.

Surprising dish of the day, garlic fried rice... Yummy!! I thought it wud be ordinary, but it was nice. Because of the garlic - it smelt even more heavenly. Everyone was pleasantly surprised with this.
Charcoal grilled Salmon with Enoki

SUKIYAKI... love the noodles- but NOT enough of it.

This is quite a lot of dishes for 3 persons... but wait.. there is more... Dessert... I work on the opposite side of the spectrum- dessert is more important than main meal.

Tiramisu with Green tea sauce. 5 THUMBS UP!!

One more, one more....

Green tea ice cream - with red bean - looks can be deceiving with this one but tastes great

This cat was full after that.........*Burp* -- back to resource planning now.. toodles!

To get there: Mizu is located at...
L6, First Floor
Bangsar Village I
Jalan Telawi Satu
Kuala Lumpur

Post Script - added 08/08: Other bloggers' review:
The list goes on... just google mizu and u will be amazed


  1. Gosh, those pixs are making me hungry for Mizu. I love the food there, must revisit soon.

  2. OMG you have such gorgeous pics!! I gotta try some of the stuff featured here!

  3. boo: hehehehe... drool worthy leh :P''

    lyrical lemongrass: Yes! I recommend the foie grais..quite an experience.. btw.. when u are there... "teleport" some tiramisu over!



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