Wednesday, 1 August 2007

How do you like your Satay Babi's? Part 2

As you can see, i am back to my malacca write up again. Gotta spread the write ups otherwise i run out of things to write.

While writing this, my feet is aching like no-one's business. This could be the fact that 60% of the time in Singapore i was walking and walking and walking. The bone between my big toe and feet are slightly protruded and as result, will ache if i walk too much.. Dad was going " i - told - you not -to- shop-so-much". After soaking my feet in hot water, still no effect, now i am lying on my tummy, feet up.. a bit better....

Back to satay babi. Well, the melaka trip was a treasure hunt trip from Melaka to Desaru. So afte Desaru, we had to drive past melaka so we forced the driver to stop for second round satay babi. What to do?? he was the one that suggested FULDA was an answer... so must "TIM" him.

This time, we tried the restaurant Ero-Ero and Tifa says is better. Or rather Tifa says is better. Ero-Ero i noticed, eats any satay babi- dun care what shop. No preference. Now, LTC and myself have built an initial taste of satay babi already. So we were ask to compare.

The shop is called Xiong Ji, off Jonker and it is not e
asy to really park here as the lanes are pretty narrow. Quite an unassuming shop. I was greeted by the smell of satay and this guy busy flapping away at the hot stove. Look at his face... so not happy to see the camera. Uncle... when u see me think of the $$ u will make hehehehe.
Wei... never see people burn satay before ah

Now, Ero-Ero tells us this guy is related to the earlier shop owner of Sun May Hiong satay. I spend a good 2 minutes staring at this guy and thinking about the other guy in Sun May Hiong... dun look a like leh. One tall, One fat. Where got resemblance?

Just like in the other shop, once we promptly sat down here came the satay...Isn't the below shot pretty? MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.. You have the usual cucumber and onion as usual.
Here, they are stingy with the sauce, they give you a little bowl and top up for you when you are done. I wanted the big bowl. :( . So how was the sauce comparison? Less pineapply here. I like! More nutty as well :)

Satay wise compared to the first restaurant? Actually... it tasted the same. The blend used, seems familiar to me. Even LTC agrees with me, the satay tastes alike. Tifa ended up very disappointed as she thought we could differentiate
the tastes.
By they way, they dolloped us with the usual satay offals, i believe i tasted chicken for awhile as well. The issue with this is ... it's so tiny you can go on eating and eating and eating and eating .....

The damage count this time around:
Tifa: 24 sticks
Ero-Ero:22 sticks
LTC: 22
Neko: 18 .... i am never improving it seems. This tifa person can really eat satay babi.

Other sites that have reviewed Xiang Ji Satay: (Check out his map too- interesting way of putting maps up )

I am now convincing Otousan to go to Malacca- kekekeke. :) More treasure hunts anyone?


  1. what i really want is some pork intestine satey.. YUM

  2. hehe... i wud like to try that as well. No intestine that day as well when i went there...



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