Friday, 20 July 2007

What malaysians are... & jalan jalan cari makan

The ugly malaysian is truly something you don't want to see at all. Today I got a glimpse of a few of these people:

1) Drove to work, parked at KL Sentral season parking, walked to the lift. A man was already walking ahead of me, in fact he cut me while walking ( huh??) then rushed to the lift. When the lift opened, he rushed in and hit the close button many times! Hey! i am only 2 steps behind you, can't you wait? I jammed the down button, so he had no choice, had to let me in. When the lift opened, he rushed past me when i was standing right in front of him. What the hell is wrong with you? Why do you have to do that? Can't you be a bit more patient, let the PERSON IN FRONT OF YOU GO FIRST?

2) Lift incident again. Have you noticed, some people when they are in the lift, keeps hitting the close button quickly and with the utmost urgency each time the lift opens? Hey. This is not some movie where by an alien is going to come charging through. Hitting the close button sometimes makes it skip the floor it is actually suppose to be stopping at. Stewpit people.

I wonder why people just can't be a little bit more courteous rather than do things like this. How to layan people during Visit Malaysia year??? Argh.... forget it...

I am off for treasure hunting this weekend- Malacca to JB liao. My first mini vacation of sorts. Hopefully get to makan manyak manyak as well! Toodles!


  1. Aha. Some of the lift even when you press the close button, it won't close. Hehe.

    Hey, do you work in KL Sentral? How's life there?

  2. Hi bacterium, thanks for dropping by, yes. i work in kl sentral. Well plaza sentral area. FOOD is BAD there. :( but thank god for some small chinese restaurants

  3. hey there.

    mind to let me know where is the chinese restaurants?

    i've just been relocated here.

  4. hi bacterium. Yeah i posted a list of places for you.If you discover something new, post back! :) Good restaurants should be broadcasted in our god forsaken land



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