Tuesday, 24 July 2007

The Cat is back!

After 3 days of gallivanting from KL-Melaka-Desaru-Melaka then back to KL, the cat is back!! It is the annual company sports club treasure hunt. There were 68 teams - each team about 4 persons, around 272- company X people running around in this trip.

The idea is- you are given a tulip ( miniature map ) and with clues, you go round hunting for answers and then treasures. Now, you can either end up at the right place, or like some end up in really wrong places. My aim this year was to beat that OTHER team in ANOTHER department that ALWAYS wins.

What makes a good hunter:
1) Must have brains - that i dont really have a lot, always blur
2) Must have keen eyesight - that i have.. :)
3) Must be willing to wake up real early.
4) Intelligence is a must!
5) Your england must be good leh.... hehehehe
6) Basically- you can think out of the box.

All of us flagged of at Regalia business center at 7:30am. Basically the weather sucked from KL to melaka and back... so we ended up pretty wet in most of the trip.

However, it was a great break! i love Malacca. I mean i love the food in Malacca more. Since treasure hunting took up a good 3/4 of the day - we didn't get to eat Milli crepe and chicken rice balls but we sure ate a lot of babi. :) - that will be another blog.

How did the Cat do in the hunt? We came out 13th place out of the 68 teams! And we beat some of that team! :) Free petrol vouchers for us! Is that great or what?? *grins*

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