Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Smile-The great Nohohon collection

With a face like that, how can you not smile?

Hajimemashite-Watashi wa Ai desu

Meet my collection of HIMADARI-NO-TAMI.... This is my second one(Ai), the first one Kaoru is in the office nodding gently away. Ai sits near my bed ( mentioned in older post ) also gently nodding way. Ai is a special edition version made from... corn or rather some parts of Ai is made of corn. I have not figured out which one it is yet. This is about RM30+ a pop. However it is cheaper in JJ and have more choices...

If you are stressed, get one, put on your cubicle and watch it gently nod away. Great conversation starter as well - "Hey,... cute-whatever... "

P/S: See my seven habits book behind... can't even get past the 1st habit

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