Tuesday, 17 July 2007

NeroVivo @ Jalan Ceylon

............... budgets are killing me.... i need to blog......

I just realized i have never done an italian fo
od posting before after selecting my categories. But there is always a first time!

When i first heard about this restaurant, my tongue got all tied up. It came out something like nevorivo... so when i gave the name nevorivo to my Lil Bro the other day to search for the map, he was less than impressed to find out it was "terbalik".. Well, can't blame me, sometimes words with lots of O,R, V in one sentence drives me nuts.

It was .. yes, continuation of mashi and me's b'day celebration... wah... you are all thinking these two fellas ah... like long celebration onree.. Hehe, once a year mah. I gu
ess Tifa has given up on thinking what to buy for us, so feeding us is the best choice. We are less fussy with food and if the mouth is stuffed, there will be no complaints what so ever.. Btw- congrats to Tifa who got promoted! :) You deserved it much earlier...

Now NEROVIVO is situated in Changkat Bukit Bintang up on bukit Ceylon. For those of you who are familiar with this area, remember all the old bungalows there?? It is now converted to restaurants. Bijan is one of those old bungalows as well. Also NEROVIV
O cannot be missed because, it's next to BIJAN.

aH.... as usual... i was late for dinner. Neko Lil Bro- when food is involved ... is ON TIME. When i told him italian.. he was like "i' m there"... Secondly, i missed the building, drove all the way down to the end of Jalan Ceylon came to an empty space and went "huh?? where is the place??" [bimbo moments]. 3rdly, i discovered a really really old apartment block that look straight out of the movie JU-ON..... Initially i wanted to park there but then remembering that show... i PARKED MUCH FURTHER AWAY...

Please note that- my camera sucks @ night shots so I didn't get a lot of great shots. Environment wise Nerovivo has this very "not dining in a KL restaurant feel". Feels like you are either in europe or in some bar in italy. Noise wise- feel like chinese restaurant, at some point my brother noted that his sentences were distorted at the ears of the receiver. You want romantic dinner, this is not the place..but you want 100% authentic Italian food, come here man.
The alcohol consumed by Tifa, Mashi and little bro before i arrived

No, that is not true but this whole place is filled with bottles, empty or otherwise.

Now, since Tifa is paying, we are a little restrained in ordering.. Sure mah, people belanja doesn't mean you need to take em to the cleaners.. However i still like P-Y-O ( pay your own ) means i can eat till i am very happy.

The "I am not sure what to choose from" menu

Please note they have daily pasta specials, so if you are not sure what to eat, just ask for the pasta specials.

The House speciality- NeroVivo pizza

Have you seen pizza with greens on top? I haven't. It is stuffed with Rocket lettuce. Don't let the awful photography and the veggie put you of. This is quite tasty actually. It's ingredients - SCALLOP Pizza... mmmmm.. It's a tad bit salty but WORTHY pizza. I am a fan of thin crust pizzas. So this one, two paws up!

If you look real close, you can see the scallop.

Pasta Special of the day- Lobster pasta with linguine in brandy/ tomato sauce.

This dish had everyone's paws up! I cannot begin to even describe the taste but ... it is to die for. My pictures doesn't do justice to it. Pity it was such a small dish because i could have walloped mashi-hubby's share.

More pasta- Hawaiian Pizza

This does not taste like the standard offering of Hawaiian Pizza you find in Domino's. I like the fact they put in peppers as it brings out the aroma of the cheese and tomato together.

Now few shots did not make the blog because they where just bad. I cannot take pictures under stress ( my cilantro's shot were nicer ) so i vow to return with just lil bro next time.

Other worthy choices of food:
Homemade wagyu beef ravioli with truffle scented mascarpone sauce

Pictures did not turn for the homemade wagyu because it was just bad.... :( but i recommend this. It comes with only about 6 BIG ravioli but the wagyu beef is so tasty. The reason why i love this dish is because of truffles. Since Cilantro, i am so craving for it.

And the dessert. I was so busy eating forgot to take pictures :( .... lousy food blog.. Will try better the next time. :)

The total costs is about RM278- I spotted this as TIFA(sponsor) was sitting next to me. Not bad considering the food. Definitely a must come back restaurant. I do, however recommend several things:

1) Book your table. It gets pack pretty fast. A big favorite of foreigners.
2) Sit outside instead of inside. Less noise factor

Where is NeroVivo?
3A, Jalan Ceylon
50200 Kuala Lumpur
tel: 03/20703120
fax: 03/20703100

Have no fear- they have a website(with a menu) - click me


  1. food are really delicious!a must try for italian cuisine lovers!

  2. Oh yes. But it is 2 years since i visited - i hope the quality still maintains!



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