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5 seasons @ Menglembu east ocean park restaurant, Ipoh

This is an old old post, while waiting for my NeroVivo shots to download and clean up ( cos it was dark in that restaurant) i thought i will show you the world of difference between the size portions in my hometown and KL.

I was back in Ipoh in early june (YES, i's old) because of my grand aunt's 80th birthday ( i think ). She is my late grand-pa's brother's wife. This is a must go dinner because if I don't go, then i am a "notti girl".. sigh.. relations. Anyway, the clincher for me was i get to go to Menglembu. Now i may be from Ipoh, but i was not there long enough to venture out to other areas. Bimbo me thought that menglembu = mambang di awan area.... Er... no, actually it is near lahat.. ( ha?? ). ... BTW, remember ngan yin peanuts? It's from menglembu.

Well, it was a good trip for me, cos i got to see where my mom grew up when she was a little girl. She used to live in a house that housed 4 families within her clan. Wah.. these days were got such thing one.... that shows how large her family was.

Ok, my relatives decided on East Ocean park restaurant in menglembu as the other famous restaurant in Ipoh ( Manchung) was booked
up to the brim. So we all trooped to this quite far restaurant. Dad warned me about not being so snooty at times, ok... so i lowered my expectation of the place.. It is a fairly clean restaurant but the acoustics .. are hell. After 1/2 in the restaurant, i had a headache. Luckily there was no karaoke.

I didn't get much photos of the other dishes as i was not fast enough, and some of the food does not warrant photo taking. But you should see what is the 5 seasons served in this restaurant....

Tadaa-The 5 seasons dish

This was taken @ the main table since my table didn't have all the fancy deco. My grand aunt was surprise that i popped up with my camera and climbed on the chair to take this shot. This was followed by comments of "ah-??? - seng kor lam yan poh..."... ( HA???? *HMPH*). Now, watch the next picture.

Do you see what's on the right?? CRABS! Yes, crabs!! Have you seen chinese dinners in KL serve whole crabs for a 5 seasons dish? No right? Precious Pea, i hope you are seeing this! It's crabs!!

Btw, why 5 seasons? Thought it should be only 4? Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter? Could be Haze for the 5th seasons?

Contents of the 5 seasons:
  • Crabs stuffed with baked cheese and pork ( is this a fusion restaurant?)
  • Fishmeat shaped like rabbits
  • Sing kua with stuffed with scallops.
  • Octopus and prawn balls, wrapped in almond flakes.
  • Kwai fa chee - this is prawn meat, cooked with scrambled eggs, shark fin and some other stuff. ( i picked out the shark fin - sorry - no fins for me )
Now, i mmsed Mashi ( who refuses to be called bestie because she says it sounds like S&M, HMMMMM ) the pictures of the crab, she was envious. Actually, it tastes SO GOOD! I had 3 of these. Cheese and all. After that, i was a stuffed cat. Rolling around in my seat, i even resisted dessert later. Note, i manage to try a dish called poon choy... so not tasty.. :(

The rabbit shaped stuff - was so so. The sing kua and scallops- a bit fishy. Kwai fa chee- Ok! my other favourite and Octopus and prawn balls. Yucks. A bit cold.

People, tell me where in KL you have this kind of food? You'd probably will be able to but not the prices available as those in ipoh. We had an 8 course dinner and after that night, i was suffered from over eating the next 2 days.

So.. u want to have 1) cheap wedding dinners but have big size portions 2) want to celebrate your birthday but with big portions? Go to east ocean park restaurant in Menglembu.

4-7, Hala Perushaan Menglembu 17,
Menglembu, 31450, Ipoh Perak
Tel: 05-2829457

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