Friday, 29 June 2007

The time where- neko has no idea of the restaurant name

Today was a day i drove myself & NY to Salak South but ended up at Puchong for lunch instead. Now is that a long drive or what?? It's friday @ sgb and before my project rolls out this weekend i tot maybe go eat lunch with some people who will make me laugh and forget about work for a while

But the crew normally takes about 15 minutes to assemble, another 15 to decide where to eat, in the end, NY and myself decided to go to
Salak South to eat char siew. But 1/2 he remembered it is his team's last day so ... we u turn balik ke Puchong. Wah lau.. Pay 2 toll, then pay 1 more for KESAS. Neko poor already liao.. The food better be good....

1/2 way, Neko bro wanted to come but - NY is LO
USY in giving directions to puchong, so poor little bro didnt eat with me... Argh sorry, me take you see transformer on 4th July, k?

What was so good in puchong that we went to that round trip? BKT of course. Ok ... here is the weird bid.. i dunno the shop name. :(. All i can say it is opposite IOI mall, the first turning on the left after you come from KESAS from the Sunway direction. Next time i go i be more diligent. NY and i were busy talking about resource issues till i completely forgot to take down address, name of restaurant etc.

Actually i am not a BKT fan. but it started out when ex-fren introduced BKT yee meen to me... Nice...Never had anything like that before. Then.. went to er.. where that place again... to eat BKT mmm better... This is the 4 time this year i eat BKT! I have certain tolerance for the herbs they put in so i cant eat too much... But once every few months is ok...
Naturally since we took the LONG way, we are the last to arrive, just in time cause the BKT is served..Our big pot of BKT, ... sorry far shots again. Everyone staring *self concious* See the other pot behind? The black black one? That is the dry version. I think it is called kam heong bak kut teh... And i like this one EVEN more than the soupy one. Had many pieces of it. Spicy yet interesting.. Naturally veggie and tofu are ordered to even out the porkiness.

Only thing i find missing is NOT ENOUGH YCK. (Yau char kwai).... I shudnt fuss cause the quality of the YCK in these places are normally not that great bu
t .. i love oily fried ghosts!
The other shot of the tau foo- and the oily fried ghosts... see.. everyone waiting for me to take picture..

Taste wise this place is better than Chao Zhou bkt in Subang. i lup the soup. i poured most of the soup into my plain rice and slurped up. If you dont like white rice, you can get yam rice but BKT is good with white rice.

My bowl of stuff!! Yummy- check out the YCK and the pork. No pork smell! Good!! And the soup yummy. Finished my bowl of rice which is rare..

Ah... am porked out. No msg intolerance feeling. Sorry if no add, if second time i go to try this out, will make a note of it.. All in all we paid about RM88 for 8 of us! Cheap or what??


  1. Oh never heard of this one before. Will try the next time I'm in that area. ;) Thanks.

  2. It would have been much more helpful if my colleague allowed me to see the shop name! and i dun read chinese :(.. Eat the kum heong one! nice, nice



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