Monday, 25 June 2007

The one where.. my brain and fingers did not get along .. a misunderstood cat

There will be little food bloggings this week as i dont have a lot of time to load up my pics :P. Blogging is now turning to be an avenue of releasing stress..and also another outlet for me, my fingers and my brain to embarass me more.

My laptop is also one of the reasons how i can embarass my self more! What am i talking about? Those typo embarassments lah.... aiyo. My stupid HP laptop as faulty keys all over, sometimes you can press the freaking key but no
thing comes out. I am the kind of person that types without even looking at keyboards assuming all keys are working fine...

So what embarassing typos did i get myself into today? (Well almost anyway....)

Incident #1: The one where the email almost got out..
Scene: Wanted to meet up new staff to go through a handover project
[Neko->typing email to staff A, when "R" key on ke
yboard dies]: Staff A, let's meet up at the Panty to discuss...
[Neko's brain]: What the ???? Backspace!!
Backspace!!Backspace!! Argh backspace fails... cancel email..... Frantically checks send folder to ensure mail not accidentally sent.

I mean how embarassing can it be if i actually did sent that out?? I will look like the most dufus supervisor ever..................... and it changes the whole meaning of staff and supervisor relationship...Mental note: No more using the word panty.. i mean pantry.
Shall call it the lounge. Told my Lil Bro on this.. he could not stop laughing at me....

Incident #2: The one where the Neko propositions an ex-colleague..
Requested by ex-colleague to check something for him..
[ex-colleague]: Eh, you free ah... can you check something for me in the ....?
[neko]: wait ah.. gimme a sex... ( The c and x keys are so like close - guess what brain told finger to do??)
[ex-colleague]: ROFL ... (
This is followed by lots of MSN emoticons rolling around in glee )

Luckily he and i are good terms so there is no other meaning to it... At this point where i was retelling this to little bro... he could not take it any more.. stomach ache for him already..

It just gets worse...
Incident #3: The one where the users thought Neko send obscene pictures
I just send an email to my users requesting them to speed up their work.. and followed by this emoticon: Guess what my users thought it was? It was followed by several mails between me and the users ( in great glee ) that this was something else..

[Users 1,2]: Your picture looks obscene!! Aiyo u so notti..
[Neko]: What obscene? That is a OMG emoticon.. what are u all thinking????
[Users 1,2]: You jahat lah u..
[Neko]: Eh????????????????

I gave up after 4 times of defending myself.. Decided to stop sending emails, typing etc as a whole.

To ethan- owner of the Onion Head OMG emoticon- i truly dont think your emoticon is obscene.. your creativity is unappreciated by my users! :)

Argh.. i just gave up today... cant win.... I hope i dont have the brain and mouth dont get along symptoms...


  1. Kakakaka....very funny indeed. But I still can't figure out why is that icon obscene-looking? Hmmmm

  2. I pun tak tahu... i got dirty minded users.... *hahaha*



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