Saturday, 30 June 2007

I don't understand some people some times.....

I find that life always takes a stab ( or punch, kick whatever you call it ) when i most do not want to be kicked or punch.

Yesterday, was my rare days back in the office when i received an SMS from ex fren (???) asking if i am work.. Duh............. when is the day i am NOT at work? I said yes but leaving the main office to go back to smaller office.

He insisted on seeing me... i was like .. not right now. Am stressed already with my project and i dont need additional stress from him... Thought if i didnt reply him, he will go away.. But No.... he showed up in the office.... i was like ?(????) And passed me a birthday present - me birthday next week.

What do you think of that?? We stopped going out, because of his own stupidity and i really didnt want to see him anymore because i do not want to feel like i am his back up in good times. But suddenly you give me a pressie for my birthday?? I told him there is no need as i dont expect anything from him anymore.

SMSed my two besties..

To besties from neko: ******** gave me a b'day present.
Both replied: For what???? what is it...
To besties from neko: mms you picture...
Bestie #1(Mashi): Wah he gave you a piggy impression of himself ah. Btw.. i eating duck liver pate
Neko to Bestie #1: Eh? this time of the day?
Bestie #2(Tifa): Siau lang.. U going to throw it away?

In the end, i did not throw it away. I kept it. Sitting near my Corn white himadari. Not sure what to do with it. And not sure what to make of him. To this point, I shall not think much of it. I find my judgement in people is sorely tested by people like him. One stage i thought he was reliable, trust worthy and funny, however when an issue presented itself, his true nature just showed up. How he behaved showed how immature and untrustworthy he is even though he thinks he is being a good person.

Ok ranting finished... ... gotta work. Ciao.

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