Sunday, 24 June 2007

Guess what Neko did today?

There are always positive points of being an adult... one of them is the ability to look and appreciate I am a big paultan fan.... but dun worry this is not turning into a car blog. I am only interested in specfic models. As strange as it is for a girl, i am pretty much into cars that are sportier it is the better of course that should be followed by the fact that $$$$ comes along with sporty models. Hmm. One can dream i guess.

My jalopy paid and earn by my first big salary is getting cranky and everyone complains on the lack of aircon... aha. Going back to Ipoh in that ... is a big no-no.

So.. i went car hunting today! At section 16 in PJ. Official prices are not out yet but this is a beaut.

I went to see LATIO SPORT today.

If you all dun't know the latio sport is known as the Versa in US, Tiida in Japan and is the car used by Hiro Nakumara in Vegas. Think the crystal blue car. Guess what. WE DONT HAVE THAT COLOR IN MALAYSIA!! *SOBS*

As usual, the whole cat family trouped along...

Mom testing the special handbag space in the front

Interior of the car.. Lovely. I feel like NISMO-ing it but it is gonna be extra RM2,500. FUYOH.

Have i bought it? No lah. No money yet... Do i like it- of course. Nice car. Test drive today got queue man. Will test drive later. But so so in love already. :) Watch this space for more stories on Latio.


  1. It's also known as a Nissan Tiida here in Oz. ;)

  2. Hey M: Heard it is a very popular car there as well!



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