Monday, 18 June 2007

Neko does Japanese Food, Bestie goes wild on RM25 a Sushi-Rakuzen@ Plaza Damas

I am subjected itty bitty font recently... cud be the result of my own stupidity.....:P again...Just realized my comfort food post font is SO SO Small. What the fish did i do? *blows bubble*. Again i hear that stupid car in my neighbourhood... why SO AH BENG one that sound? iiish....

Well- er i will figure it out soon. Maybe like 60 posts later. Talk about being a bimbo.

Ok back to food. This was taken about a week back, bestie and i went to Rakuzen @ Plaza Damas. We wanted to catch up, chat and maybe just chill out. Hmm.. we firstly detour to the Japanese Supermarket in Plaza damas - ended up spending about RM100 per person.... er.... u dont want to know. I bought Choya though :p

Inside Rakuzen- wah... romantic liao. I love the lights.

Then we hit the food at Rakuzen. We normally are fans of the Subang Branch. That is when we first found out about rakuzen and fell in love with their sesame and green tea ice-cream... Today, we are a little bit more controlled cos bestie says she is "fat" and i .. was a bit on the green side today. After effects of not eating properly. So this round of rakuzen had less meat than our usual.Wah the menu... look at the dragon roll. I did not order this by the way

Unusally we decided to go for cold noodles call inianiwa udon. Or at least that what i think it is called. It is really cold noodles with a sauce dipping.. Hmm .. very ching taste. I mean if you have no appetite no mood, er no taste for the day... this is not too bad. It comes with some really strange garnishing...of a raw um chuen tan... Wow .. bestie balked at the raw egg... But wait till u see what she eats next.. BTW we added only the garnishings neither of us touched the egg. Is it me or what but this is a beautiful picture...............
Our other order of off the menu sushi. Fore ground is inari, sea urchin sushi, ika sushi (sotong) and salmon sushi. Inari is actually soya bean skin stuff with rice. One can only point out.. that's my order... but look at the yellow thingy behind my inari. It's bestie's sea urchin sushi... did you know it cost RM25 for just that Sushi!! sugoko takaii.. She shud have orderd the 1/4 plate which costs RM45 for 4 pieces.. ... She loves this.. i .. balk.. I am not a raw food person... ...

Finally my order of Spider Roll. At this point i am like full.. The noodles was killing me already but i cannot resist Softshell crab.. It's my main vice... me loves it... woohooo.. pretty pretty.. Ok i ate the raw roe but that one i can take.. Mmmm.. yummy this one. i walloped 3 :)

No deserts for us that day. both of us look like beached whales at one point. No dessert. Bestie stopped me. Ok.. i tot the daifuku looks OISHII.

Anyway - Rakuzen is at Plaza Damas- turn right instead of left to go to Mont Kiara at the traffic light.

I would like to quite the wheel of life who is a great fan of Rakuzen. She does a better review than me :). Hope she doesnt mind :P. There are probably other floggers who went here. will add them on later.

Neko's verdict:
Tastiness: ****
Service: ****
Price: *, Not cheap, a bit pricey
Will Neko come back here: Yes - when got like money fall from sky....
Does Neko show MSG intolerance after eating here?: No- japanese food where got one...

* - Very Bad
**- Bad
*** Ok
**** Good
***** Fantastic! Sugoi!


  1. glad to hear that you enjoyed your food at this outlet and thanks for linking me! that's really nice of you :)

  2. wah, looks yummy... *drool*

  3. meiyen: Thanks :) i want to try the desserts more... Only if i had a bigger stomach.

    Joyce: Let's go man...



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