Sunday, 17 June 2007

Comfort Food Series #1- Ying Yong - Cantonese Fry

I am supposed to be working ... on a sunday night but i cant because there is 1) an idiot driving a car with a souped up er exhaust going "parrrrrrrrrrr" outside my house. I will be VERY UPSET if i find out it is kichi mai kancil.. 2) No mood lah. i had good shopping trip in Low Yatt. Had a friend who opened a shop there - so i go pong chan.... and then got some more anime series - topped up my er beauty stuff. So all in all i had a better day than before.

While waiting for my mood to return for work, i ran through some pics and saw some pictures of Kong Foo chow yin yong. In english, cantonese fried noodles mix & match? (Eh????) So i thought of doing a comfort food series. Food that makes you feel good and reminds you of... well anything.

This dish was whipped up by a man, in a shop, at Sri Petaling which my brother convieniently forgot to get. The shop he says, is near Sri Petaling Hotel. Ah-ha. ... got plenty of shop leh there.

Well why is this a comfort food for me? Many many many many ( ok stop... ) years ago, this dish
is something my dad, grandpa(Ah Yeh) and my brother used to eat after movies in the Section 17 cinema. Both my dad and grandpa used to take me and my brother out for evening movies and every time after a movie, they will pop over to the tai chao in SS17 to grab this dish. Naturally hokkien mee was too oily for me, so grandpa and dad will order Cantonese Fry for us. There was time, dad left the car keys in the car.... and we had to get a locksmith to open the car door for us! So exciting for me and my brother!!! It was also funny to see Ah Yeh standing there with his arms akimbo and dad - struggling with the door.

Grandps is gone now, but dad, bro and i still eat this-minus the movies... It's dvd now :P

When we were younger we also used to accuse each other of finishing up all the fried bee hoon.That is the best part, nicely done and crunchy... O-I-S-H-I-I.

There are many ways to cook this up, you can have it with 1) Kuey teow only ( then it is called wat tan hor ) 2) or with fried noodles and kuey teow ( yin yong then ) 3) or with Yee meen ( er not sure what this is called ). The key to a good 1, 2, 3 is naturally wok hei. Must have that "smell" i dont know how to describe it. Sauce is another important thing. Too watery not nice, too thick, noodles dont soak well.

This is just right. What they throw in is pork, prawns, veggie sometimes offal ( *bleurgh* pass, pa
ss ) now these days, not many people put offal in. My parents loved the liver that used to be put in. Because of health reasons, both of them also stop taking it.

I like this store in Sri Petaling, no porky smell, lots of veggie and the noodles -plenty of wok hei. :) Here is my plate of noodles. Bro and i polished this up in 1 minute flat.

I hope i get the name of the shop next time. In any case, maybe u all go to sri petaling- look for Sri Petaling Hotel and opposite there ( according to my brother ) has great noodles waiting ahead for you :P

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