Friday, 22 June 2007

Hehehe Presentation Owatta

After sweating it out last night on my slides... freaking out during the day on presentation. it is finally ober! (Over).. After the amount of build up.. all done in 15 minutes. I got my 15 minutes of fame with my Si-Oh-Oh. Larkee he never ask about my name appearing in the digi ad!! (perasan case).... Big Boss lady asked "You need me to go or not"... told her "aiya dun want.. afterturd see you cannot concerntrate"... She looked a bit peeved. Big Big boss lady was there though.

I am triggered by something profound in my office. All the bosses are a lady. My big big boss is a lady, my big boss is a lady. My immediate boss is a lady. The leads of most areas are a lady. The men are WIMPS. *bwahahaha*. No offence to the guys, but i think we have a capacity to tolerate stress better kwa.

Just a note-i noticed i have not posted on my baby Russell. Baby Russell is not a baby anymore. He's a NOTTI BOY!!! Woke me up at 4:30. Included Lil Bro. We were like zombies at that time.. trooping to the back garden to yell *SHUT UP*...... Met mom on our way to the rooms and all she could say was "You all look like ghosts".... It's 4:30 am - whaddya expect?? Look like paris hilton and brad pitt at that hour ah... Well... i will post more pics of Russell later.. I swear his little tail grew longer.

Am taking a short break now, watching tv with Tou-Chan and playing with russell. Rest Rest Rest. Next week is super stress week. And yes.. TOMORROW IS YOGA DAY!

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