Thursday, 21 June 2007

Good Thoughts

I found 2 cracks on my lap top screen.. :P.. While i sit here trying to do up slides for tomorrow's presentation for my Si-Oh-Oh, i wanted to blog :P .. I also stopped MSN-ing for a while. Walking Contradiction and myself sayzs we see each other too often online hahahaha. Like i never leave them, they never leave me.. Will be back on when my project completes.

Sianz - sometimes i regret being middle management. Want to be horse person more ( mah chai ).. Neways...

Good things happened today :)
* Got a big suprise in the mail today... when i opened it.... i went *WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH*. I want to roll around in it..

* Had lunch with Neko Tou-Chan and Neko-Ka Chan in KLCC. They went to jalan jalan so they buzzed me for lunch. Had dad's fave tandoori chicken. NO PICS. Crowded foodcourt and didnt want to spoil Dad's mood. (*_*)
* 21st - 23rd July - sports club treasure hunt from Malacca to JB - Desaru!! Count down is on.. Cant wait for my break!!
* More treasure hunts- Walking Contradiction- asked me to go for the Red Crescent hunt August 12 -woohoo!! I am back in the hunts again man, after stopping for almost a year.
* Hehehe - self praise international disgrace - my name appeared in the Digi ad!! No people , i didnt become Mrs Mohinder! :P

Crazy day today- despite all the issues, I am a happy camper. Back to the slides man.... Later....


  1. hi, thanks for linking me! gonna link you too, you've a great blog! :D

  2. Hi Meiyen: Thanks!! :) Yours too! Made my eating life with alot more variety!!



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