Wednesday, 20 June 2007

The Babi Returns ( Non halal post)

No offence to my muslim friends, but this is a really non halal post. Stop reading from this point forth!

Ok it is not a vintry gluttony session. But, yes there are cheap places to eat pork and they can be:
1) Very cheap
2) Not very clean
3) So damn hot...

And where else might this be except Happy Garden - in Sri Petaling general vicinity. Worse is... it's next to a temple. Pork = temple? How blasphemous can you get? Very apparently :P. Their main dish is the siew yoke. This is the Crispy skin variety with pretty white flesh .. mmm and the right layer of fat. ... :)"". Besides that, there is chicken and char siew with veggie on the side order. Note that the Char Siew is not as good as the one in salak south. But hey, if you are not a fan.

I was feeling crook @ work, head spinning, eyes itchy .. and upset tummy when NY- the greatest babi lover suggested "Lunch"... I replied "i want something light, and fast ah.. 3:30 got meeting @ mm ".. "Siew Yoke.." was his reply. That you called light....

We roped in Walking Contradiction, May Ching and a lone freshie ... ( who look terrible scared of us and was terribly quiet during lunch) to go to MoiMoi Restaurant @ Happy Garden..

Firstly- the place is freakingly hot... some more i wear black.. wah lau ... see? Not much of a aircon in sight.. May Ching started going "hot, hot"... but who cares this place served Good Siew Yoke! Note the chairs... it's like left overs from someone's house. Then... i saw it... 2 FAT BLACK LIZARDS on the wall... GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.... The place smells a bit as well... Ok.. think of the siew yoke, think of the siew yoke. So while you eat, you get a whiff of something and the sight of fat black lizards..

First order of the day - cold drinks for EVERYONE.... My kum quat juice... refreshing.. but i hate the stuff underneath.. crushed seeds are not my idea of fun. Still since the SY is oil
y, not a bad combination..

Kum Quat Juice- caused us RM1.20 me thinks

I doubt they served white rice, but here is the standard yellow rice. It's ok.. there are shops who excel in nice yellow rice.

Not to sound too porky, we ordered veggie. Morning Glory and Fu Yee. I have never eaten this combination before. Not too bad...
Then the main dish.....The siew yoke... Look look. Crunchy skin and white flesh. They are as good as the ones in Tuck Kee Ipoh (Pasir Pinji) . Mmmm oishii... (4 HOURS of yoga on Saturday ) I cant describe the taste but it is perfect.

Ok why the far shots- some of you may think. I am using my new baby K810i cos i left my other baby in the office. And EVERYONE was hungry!! i dare not take so much posey shots. Such a loser i will be :P

The above cost us - just the plate of SY is RM15 and this is for 7 persons. It was not enough for us, so we wanted "seconds"... only to find out SOLD OUT. We had chicken as well but it was ordinary chicken. Char siew was passed for us.

If you want to go to this, place, be there EARLY, the lunch crowd is quite huge.

Name: Restaurant Moi Moi ( written in chinese as mei mei )
Location: Jalan Rukun 7 (Happy Garden - i think )
Opening Hours: Only open for lunch.

Feeling pleased as punch ( nothing makes u happier than pork ) i mmsed bestie t
he pic. And she ended up drooling in her meeting. Unsatisfied - she dragged me to KLCC isetan to get.... MORE PORK.. And it was siew yoke. Again. MBF, Mr Spa and myself sat munching this bowl of SY at about 6 something.. When me boss called.. she didnt know what to say when i told her "am eating SY for tea"... She must have thought i was NUTS. .... Taste wise Moi Moi is definitely TOPS. Neko Tou chan got to eat what we could not finish. He was a happy camper today.

Ah............. i better watch my cholestrol after this :P though genetically i know i cant get it :P. *Evil*

Is this a real babi post? i think so. Bestie wants to go Moi Moi this saturday. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Post Script - 23/06: Bestie, her hubby, my lil bro and i made another trip on Saturday. Verdict from the floor.. >>


  1. Hmm..sounds tempting. Nicer than the siew yoke in Jalan Nyonya, off Jalan Pudu?

  2. Hi Tankiasu: Hmmm no i have never eaten the one in pudu... must try. But this one.. skin crunchy!!:P



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