Saturday, 16 June 2007

Death by Chocolate @ Bakerzin, 1U

I was extremely cranky today after my brush in with someone i didnt want to see. Top it off, Neko tou-chan suggested 1U for dinner and Chilli's- this is for his Father's day dinner! 1U reminds me unfortunately of times Fren and i used to go there and worse is we used to like to go Chilli's. Since i am not letting up today, i sulked all the way to 1U. My face was like the sky, sulky, black and teary -eyed ( my allergy flared up again ). Lol and behold- Chilli's was PACKED - Yeah! And suddenly i saw oppurtunity - why not try Bakerzin? Suprisingly everyone agreed. Wah- should by lottery today. Family was suspicious of the place- they thot it was a ... jewellery shop... yeah it does look like one. We sat ourselves down and i was grumpily taking photos of the place.
Proof i am at Bakerzin

Ok, i really like this shop better then chilli's, one thing it is quieter. Chilli's is loud and brashy and smoky. This is refined and more ... up market. Look at the pretty decor here. Maybe i can put some of these in my room... ya.....
Lovely Deco

Now comes the food, since it was father's day, dad had anything he wanted on the menu. Being a seafood fan, he wanted prawn pasta. He called the Spicy Prawn pasta with Penne. See that dark shadow hovering above the plate? It's dad's fork. He could not wait to start.
His verdict: Two Paws up. I stole some of the pasta- sauce was lovely but the pasta cud be a bit more al-dente.(That how u spell it?)
Bro wanted to be special so he ordered the Set Dinner which is lamb stew and rice. You can have a choice of potatoes if you are not into rice. He chose rice. Lovely. The lamb is stewed in wine i believe, tastes like those in Australia.
Here is a close up of the stew- again i stole some, well more of the carrots portion. I could not resist the orangey stuff there. At this point, alot of people were looking @ me in the shop. Er.. shy lah.. Never see people take pictures of food before :P Anyway this had 2 thumbs up as well!

What did we have next? Oh.. my order. It is pan fried beef ( supposed to be veal but then they changed it to beef ) with linguine in pesto sauce. Hmm not bad- after eating other people's food mine tasted mildly ok. The pasta cud be a bit more "softer" but the beef was nice and tender. Olive oil is good for you - but some how or rather i am not an oil person :P
Proof i could not finish my linguine.

Now, since Bro's is a set dinner, he selected Warm Chocolate cake as his dessert of choice. Whooooooooooooooo. I was so excited when i saw this below. This is GOOD chocolate cake. I could smell the chocolate even before it was placed on the table. It's topped with Vanilla and with small cuts of strawberry and blueberry - dripped with some sweet (strawberry?) sauce. Inside - it was filled with warm chocolate filling. "ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" was what we did. Dad, passed. Dessert not his thing. Mom could not resist the strong chocolate smell.

Here is s a shot of the warm chocolate filling and my brother's spoon flying in again.

So what was the family's verdict? Good! Everyone wants to come again. Dad even suggested a lunch here and with cakes as added items we can order! :) hehehehehe. Now that is what i call a convert. I want to come again- heard my Bro raving about the crab and avocado salad

Where is Bakerzin?
Location: Bakerzin
Address: 1U at Highforest

Neko's verdict:
Tastiness: *****
Service: ***
Price: **, Not cheap, a bit pricey for lunch
Will Neko come back here: Yes, Yes, Yes!
Does Neko show MSG intolerance after eating here?: No.

* - Very Bad
**- Bad
*** Ok
**** Good
***** Fantastic! Sugoi!

Before i end this blog, i want to give a shout out to my Dad on Father's day. Many thanks dad for a lot of things you have done for me but i have never really said thank you. Like:
* Carrying me to the hospital when i had ruptured Ovarian Cysts and appendicitis. I could not walk that time and fainted in pain, he carried his er ( then 55kg fat cat daughter ) to the car, and into the hospital. Mom said he has never seen my dad so worried before in his life. Freaked him out to see me in the hospital bed as well.
* For encouraging me to study even though i had crappy SPM results many years back. Thanks to that, i am now financially independent and lesser of a blur blur.
* For always fetching to hospitals, doctors etc. ( I am always a sick cat ) and encouraging me to go to the gym to get stronger.
* Most of all, thanks for being my rock :) Love ya lots. .. can i have your Sonata car keys prease??

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