Saturday, 16 June 2007

I am a sucker for pain

Not that kind of self torture you are thinking but i am a sucker for emotional problems. And once i start it i cannot get out of it.

Is that why Sousuke always used to call me koori-hime ( Ice princess ) not as a term of endearment especially when we fought. I wonder. He used to say this was my defense mechanism for hiding emotional problems that i shut everyone out and all out so that i dont get hurt. True, i dont deal with emotional crap very well.

I am not sure where this blog is leading but the day started out good! i had a good yoga class and i managed to finally er- straighten my leg and butt into some weird V shape! Acheivement after 2 months of class!

Until i met someone and my emotional problems came flying back to me. I ask always tell my self to take it:
* Less seriously - walk away from it. It was not meant to be.
* He has chosen is path for life, i should for mine.

Easier said than done. For what it is worth- i really hate this person, i hate seeing u again and i wished you will just go to the other side of earth and leave me be.There .. i said it and i feel better. People always expects you to be the better person in most situations. Tough luck, i dont feel like it.

I feel like a freaking korean drama now all tensed and stress minus the handsome actor in the picture (Rain: Where are u??) . It's true then it's best to stay robotty then. No need to feel pain, no need to be involved in other people's shit.

Dear relation of mine who is also dumping emo crap on me. Stop it. Grow up. Get a life. Dont expect me to understand your situation as i was in the reverse situation as you are in now. Give me a break. I want out of it.

Ok- i feel better now. I will go and watch a korean drama. Maybe 200pound beauty. And eat chocolate.

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