Wednesday, 23 May 2007


Ok something is wrong with my fonts, can't seem to change this :(. So am stuck with Courier fonts today. Well it's one of those days where i have high hopes in food taste but lazy to move, drive and in a rush.

Am based in TPM now for another few weeks- which is cool. I woke up at 6:30 today. Normally it is 5:45 am. ( I will sleep after this, MUST FINISH MMC first). Decided to catch up with my colleague who is now working with another department, so us 4 ladies decided to go for lunch. I wanted to eat roti canai for some reason. However she mentioned that there is a new food court in TPM, i was game! Food Court!

TPM has a few eateries but so far the food hasnt been something to shout about since Lunch Box moved in.

This food court has 4 food stalls and 1 drink shop and boy it was crowded!!

Since i was a bit lazy that day- decided to go for the burger at the black/white shop.Yes that is the name of the shop. Here is a picture of my beef burger. There is chicken if you dont take beef. Presentation wise- lacking. Taste was ok.I am not fussy during lunch :) Chips wise- Mac D's scored better.

I was looking at my colleague Selina's Mee Hoon Sup- looked better than mine... Will try that next time. But for cheap eats- this is ok. If you are lazy to go out Sri Petaling and all.

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