Friday, 25 May 2007

Gluttony @ Vintry - Damansara Heights

Shot of Vintry- in the restaurant.

This is a belated post on Vintry. Was belated because i thought there was something wrong with my blog editor. There is still something wrong i think. I cannot change fonts :P. Also my mind is restless tonite- so i tot i better post so that it doesnt distract me.

Anyway-this deserves a post as I finally found a porky restaurant. This is what i called a babi-licious ( no offence to my muslim friends ) place.

Vintry is a place that is located in Damansara heights. It's behind the Victoria station. It seems pretty easy to get there but i had to make a big turn from Hartamas to get there!! *grumble* Parking is hell in this place - so make sure you get yourself there early otherwise you end up parking at the spooky jungle...

Another interesting note- Vintry is owned by ex-Accenture people. Hmm-everyone leaves a stressful work place and goes to open food places after that. ***** people- maybe we should consider it?

Well- back to the main topic. It was a gathering of sorts. Sean R was back from Oz. Coincidentally enough he works for Accenture! Then there were the people from the green and yellow telco. Plus an ex IBMer. All in all 11 of us. Pretty cosy place, this vintry, the original basis of the shop is to sell wine but serve good food.

So the menu turned out to be 5 tapas, 1 salad, 4 main meals. All with PORK. :) Note some of my shots turned out sucky. Also note, it was me and MBF ordering the dishes. Everyone let us take up this challenging role.

Up comes our er Tapas- meaning appetizers. First dish up, my total favourite- Caramalized Roast Pork. Indulging my two most sinful sins, sweet stuff and pork. Sorry picture is not clear- 10 hungry people were waiting for me to take this picture. Please note we had 2 plates of EACH of the tapas not 1 plate.

Our so called salad order of Roast Pork Salad. Do you know that is Siew Yoke?? Totally succulent pork. And the dressing is quite nice. At the end there was not much pork left but lots of veggie. Mr Yellow Fellow, myself and lil bro polished the veggie off.

We ordered a dish of plain roast pork. I can hear people going hah??? Not enough ah? Salad pun ada roast pork.The roast pork, i cannot say it enough is so so tasty.

A shot of the roast pork and caramalized roast pork together-gether. Drool, people, Drool. *bwahaha*

Next tapas dish, mushroom sauteed in garlic. Not as flavourful as marche's but then still good. I got to eat VERY Little of this. :p

One of the main meals started to arrive- Blue Cheese Burger. Ok not my favourite for the night. The smell ah.. Fuyoh..... Sorry mr yellow fella- Catchy phrase word. Well MBF and Mr yellow fella actually loved this. Some how or rather this did not catch on with the rest of us. Blue Cheese by the way is an acquired taste

Can't remember what this dish was call. Could be Cajun Pork sandwhich. Comes in 4 slices. Lil Bro and I gave it the thumbs up! Or tails up in my neko case

Oh finally- a non pork dish. Prawns!!!!!!! In garlic as well. Quite fresh and nice. At this point, i felt i was getting rounder and rounder and probably had a snout growing by now.

Hmm, least popular dish tonite- Chicken Pate or Foie Grais. >_< LIVER LEH.... Everyone balked at this dish but MBF actually loved it. I tried a bit, it doesnt taste like liver the texture is not what i like. Ero-Ero was loudly declaring he will not be conned into another liver tasting like in Japan. Hmm, this is another acquired taste dish. I prefer the stinky blue cheese.

There were other stuf we had but the pictures were bad. We tried the Fried Korean Noodles and Caramlized Roast pork. Derided for looking like maggi me- the crowd walloped it before i can say "Ants in your Pants". Apa-lah... I orsoe did not get to try this alot :( Only the remaining bits.

After this, i felt i could not stomach anymore pork. I actually fasted the day after :). And did 2 hours of yoga to lose the fat man. Feeling a bit porky is an understatement. The bill came up to RM300, paid around 23+ per person. We had wine by the way.

Suggest if you have a big crowd to call in and make an appointment. There are other food bloggers who tried this place, check out Lyrical Lemongrass and Boo-Licious's review.

No. 130, Jalan Kasah
Medan Damansara
Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: 03 - 2094 8262 (Closed on Sundays. Opened from 11am till 12am)


  1. the food is really good, isn't it? Shall go back there and try some of your recommendation. :-)

  2. Hi Lyrical Lemongrass! Nice to meet you. I hope you dont mind me linking your page. Yours was the inspiration for my team to eat there!!

  3. Of course I don't mind you linking me. I shall also link you in my blog under the dan lain-lain category. :-)

  4. Sorry..I think you're predominantly a food blog, so I shall link u under food in my blog. :-D

  5. Hi lyrical lemongrass- thanks :) hehehe- happy cat today :)



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