Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Nippon Tei and Tummy Tragedy

It was may 23... Is there anything significant with the date. No. But i will remember this as my tummy tragedy for the year. Tifa and colleagues were going to watch POTC3, Neko passed it cause Lil Bro wanted to watch. So i join Tifa and her boss for dinner. Dunno why we picked Nippon Tei that day. Is it because there is lack of restaurants in KLCC. My spidey senses were tingling that day when we selected that restaurant..

Since it was a rush rush meal- we all order from the set menu.

My sukiyaki came first. Sukiyaki is a traditional stew made up of taufoo, beef, lots of veggie and fun see in a sweet stew. The key veggie used here is Leek or called Nira in japanese. Not sure what this is called in japanese- though i studied japanese for 7 years. Sumanakatta!! It is served up in a hot pot, with rice and pickles as the accompaniment. The raw egg is to be added to your sukiyaki. Oh, forgot the salad that comes with it. Nice greens with some sauce added. Taste wise it was ok- but then after awhile i got a bit jelak.

Check out the bubbling brew. Half way through, i had the waitress put out the fire cause it was boiling over. Bad bad move. Note- i love the fun see. Tifa stole alot of it as well- hehehe.

Next, Tifa's boss ordered Teriyaki Chicken. Also with a serving of rice, miso soup, pickles and the chook as well. He didnt seem to complain much about the taste. He only complained we complained and bully him too much. Hah... really ah??

Neko observed he did not finish his greens.

Tifa ordered Salmon teriyaki- no complains from her- for once :). She wallop the whole thing. And attacked my fun see after that.

So far the food is ok, not as great as how it used to be. Which explains why there are not alot of people in that restaurant. Or maybe... like i said- my food taste was off that day.

So... where did the tragedy start. Once i got home. Lucky it was when I got home. I think i may not have cooked the food really well but i suffered tummy runs that day! 4 times till my leg was like jelly that day.... Luckily for Carbon pills, otherwise i will have MC-ed the next day. No one else suffered anything except me- so i suspect i didnt cook something so well.

Will i go back to Nippon Tei again- maybe? Like in many years time? No more sukiyaki for me at the moment :P.

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