Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Sweets for the Sweet Cat

Hmm, i havent been having really substantial food these days. It's either stuffing it down my tummy and not really enjoying or not eating. Work is drag- i feel completely exhausted and not er "passionate" about work. [Internal Joke: Only people working same company will get it"

However, i feel if i dun blog, like i am not letting off steam. So what to write if I have not eaten great food? Talk about Sweets loh. Predominatly nekos(cats) dont favour sweet stuff but this neko has a sweet tooth... Anything Sweet Can do... Diabetic Cat i will be come... That is why i cant wait to try Just Heavenly!! :p

Well, i manage to find some pictures of sweets i took long time back so i am going to write about it.

This is called Kwai Lin Kuo. It was popular long time ago because of this Hong Kong series. Not sure what it is made off but my mom said turtle shell?? I hope not!! I googled it but cannot find anything. I hope it is seaweed :P. (Anyone knows tell me) It is supposed to make your skin soft and supple. I got this from Sri Petaling while at HoHo. This guy walks around and selling it. This is not the best, the ones from the Chinese Medical Halls are nicer. You get pear and longan flava. Please note that it is a slight bitter sweet after taste. Why i like it? Cos it's cold normally, i like the taste :P. Ok i know it is not considered sweet...

This also from Sri Petaling..... Note... I find sri petaling at night got lots of shops selling stuff that you normally dont get at Bangsar/Subang etc. This is call Mar Tai Koh. Chestnut Sweet Cake. Made up of chestnuts naturally..... It has a santan layer and the chestnut layer. It's wrapped normally in pandan leaves. I took it away cos i was hungry when i took this. Yummy. Cold, sweet and Crunchy!!
Since this weekend i am returning to Ipoh, i thought i will introduce a very Ipoh sweet. This concoction is known as Sat Keh Mah (Kill Ride Horse??) I dont find this in any states but i know this is a ipoh sweet. Made up of Molasses, Flour all mixed together, you get this crunchy and sweet ( and rather oily ) snack. The most famous brand for this Pun Chun brand. I got one of my KL girlfriend and her family addicted to this. She actually asked me to buy 4 packs for her! And she didnt even get to a single bit. Poor gal!

Anyway, item 3 is recommended for those who like sweet and crunchy stuff. I so far only buy this from Ipoh but some of the snack shops in KL do carry the Pun Chun brand. When i am in ipoh, will try and bring up more Ipoh good eats! Cant wait!

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