Sunday, 27 May 2007

Bummer Food Weekend-Weekend write up

Except for the lovely Dim Sum on saturday, the food over the weekend got progressively worse. I wouldnt know where to start and luckily i did not waste my XD card space on it. *Yucks* I hope next week- back in Ipoh can make up for it. Probably i am not going to even write about it... wasting blog space.

Hmmm the weekend was very hot. I have this really bad luck of saying- when i want to go swimming it rains but when it doesnt rain, i cant go? Arrgh.. Murphy's law. Wanted to bathe the mutts today but cant because 1) Russell's still got some cough action happening. 2) Comet is starting to get ill. He vomits more now just like Mei-Mei before she passed away. Am slightly worried he's going down the line like here. However we have not taken him to seen a vet yet as it does not happen like every hour. Am i being a bad owner?? Or an overly hypochondriac owner? I hope not. For what Comet is ( bit me 4 times ) i still "lup" him, he is my doggie. I pray he gets better.

... Shopping turned out ok today- bought Shoes.. Finally! Mom says they look sexy on my feet. *Thanks* that's cause i have your size 5 feet! Will look great with my suit. I dont know who i am trying to impress nevertheless a girl can look great just for herself.

Any good things happen? Yes- i got my NoHoHon :) He's named Kaoru for the fragant one :) He nods happily and serenely at my cubicle now. FF is also quite entranced by his nodding-ness. Want to get my friend in japan to get me the YOKOSO one!! HOSHII!!!!

I submitted a picture to the Star but i didnt win :( Anyway- will try again. I dont want the RM50 but just the exposure of taking pictures.

Yoga- was excellent- "NO CHEATING" shouts my instructor. *Giggle* ya, ya easy for him to say. But i find that i feel fitter, sleep better and is more flexible recently. Should i join the cardio class next?? I am on my way to my 6 pack tummy soon!

I was telling Tifa though that.... some how or rather i feel something brewing, that the serenity of these few weeks will just burst. I saw ex-Fren that day. Dont think he saw me. But the sight of seeing him some how triggered my senses to go off. Super paranoid now. Am i being paranoid? Yes - probably. Thank god i am away back to my hometown next week. I miss grandma and aunt and probably will spend some time to visit Grandpa's grave.

In the mean time- Sousuke, please pass me the good luck charms you are talking about???
One for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday..etc.

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