Friday, 1 June 2007

Take away breakfast at Sri Paandi - USJ10 Branch

Hey... i didnt know Sri Paandi opened up a branch in USJ10... Gosh, must be catnapping..

I am usually super late for work if i go to TPM to work. Cause it is only about 20 minutes despite the jam in front of Summit - but i am never later than 8am in the morning.

Undecided what to eat for brekkie, and fed up of pau, kuih and not craving for white bread.. i thought "OOH Roti Canai!" My most favourite comfort food. My dad used to love taking us to the TTDI dry market to get the Roti from the second floor or the shops near our old housing estate in DU. As we grew older and with dietary restrictions due to health issues, we lessen the intake of such food. So once in awhile, i will indulge in this.

I decided to take away 1 plain roti canai. I hear alot of you going "what?? how can you take away roti...shud be eaten hot"... Ya, but the restaurant was pretty stuffy and has this oil smell that lingers on to my fur, i mean hair.So i tau pau loh...Anyway, i am a big fan of plain roti. Nothing fancy or added, i just like it on it's own with Dhal or Curry Fish sauce to mix..

Wah i was so happy when i opened the packet.. my office filled with the smell of dhal and crispy roti- i happily munched away! Here's a shot of my roti- i love the crispy bits especially.
And i am a person who likes my roti totally soaked with dhal/sauce. Sri Paandi's dhal is not the best around, there are other shops that do quite nice ones. Preference for those with more texture in the sauce. But it reminds me of the dhal served in primary school.
I must admit i dont know how to take pictures of sauce in a bag... Lil Bro was going- "what the heck is this shot?".Ok could be better shot then.. point noted.. Did you notice the potatoe cube there?

Top breakkie today- i am a happy camper despite all other issues. (^_^)V

Check out Sri Paandi's at: USJ10/1E, same row as the Ampang Yong Tau Foo. Cant miss it, corner shop.

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