Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Spiderman 3

Spiderman 3! Hmm ... it's been a long time since i was out watching movies with Bro, so we decided to catch Spiderman since he was not free tomorrow. I thought this was the usual funny spiderman but without giving away too much... this is quite darker and sadder version of the show.

Naturally there are new villians like the Sandman and introduction of Spiderman's enemy- Venom. Action is great as usual. The funny bits are like when Peter thinks he is cool- that was so funny! But I find the bits where it was emotionally heavy quite familiar to me. Maybe because of what I am thinking/feeling @ the moment. So I had to stop thinking about it so much. There were teary bits :(

But nuff said- watch it. Quite long though about 2 hours + ... arrgh toilet.

P/S: Ok people, though Spiderman is rated U, frankly i think bringing kids below 5 is not a good idea unless you can control them. Not alot of people like kids running up and down the aisle. Shows bad manners. And to their parents, it's really not totful of you to not control your children. Everyone paid money to enjoy the movie not look at your kids. Little brats.

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