Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Home made Chilli Crabs and more of Russell

Since everyone is finally home @ the same time, Mom decided crabs was a good thing to cook yesterday. She has always been very good at cooking crabs, so basically this dish her in her "lar sau" dishes. She got the recipe from Chef Wan it's called Ketam Masak Manis? Man, i think the chilli's now are super hot. My lips felt like those in the Chinese movies, fat and red after eating. It was tasty but only too hot. The sauce goes well with the rice and if there were mantou, it is even better...
Here are the crabs, in the wok - all bubbling.... er reminds me of that shakespeare play- where the witches stand around the cauldron stirring their brew. Mom was standing behind me going "FAI TEET LAH".. eh... good photography is not necessarily fast leh.

Crabs! All cooked and ready... check out the claws. We only got 2 crabs, cos mom doesnt eat too much seafood. Consider it high cholestrol. I had 1 claw and two of the body sections :P. Heck care, eat first talk later...... gym on saturday.
Ah! Here is Russell, sleeping. You know half his body is on the top part of the floor, the other 1/2 at the bottom of the ledge. He has a funny way of sleeping. The howling has stopped and he has taken to barking. Yes, barking. At all hours of the day. Sigh. But he's quite cute and is a ball of hyperactivity. Comet is not able to match his youthful enthusiasm. :P Otherwise why is comet call fat-boy leh....... Fat boy is not happy he is being called Fat boy.

Right after dinner, i knew mom was dying to ask me that question- what happen to me and Fren? Kinda expected her to ask that but only earlier. Sigh. Told her we had a huge fight and have not been speaking since. I truly miss Fren sometimes but then when both of us do not see eye to eye on our issues and are not able to talk about it, sometimes just letting it cool off is better before we say even more hurtful things(It's 3 weeks now- i have also taking to avoiding him when i see him around my workplace, oh childish me). I dont know if he sees this, but guess he is too pre-occupied with his own issues to consider other things. I should have known i will encounter this when we started this... sigh. Sometimes, you know, when you read all those books, see all those movie, you want to be a bigger person than that. But then i realise, that's all crap. I am still human, i need to be human and i cant be those people.

I have one thing to say about you men out there, if you think you are doing something and someone else can understand, think again. What goes on in your head, does not necessary mean others will understand your warped logic. Check with others first ok? Saves you a lot of heartache and hurt.

P/S: Banks are spamming me with SMSes. Why ah?


  1. Lucky you!! I loves crabs!!!!! In fact so long been deprived of crabs since Hubby said he jelak after two of us savoured 2 giant crabs full of roes last month.

  2. Hi Precious Pea! Your Comment came in a timely manner today- was having a bad day. Yes, my family are crab fanatics but because of cholestrol this is like ration material here. Best is Greenview's Marmite Crab :D. Maybe when my mom makes "Far Hai with Chilli" i will take more shots!

  3. Oh yes...greenview's marmite crab da best! And also King Crab's butter crab. Aiyoooo.....feeling crabby now. You read about my post on crabs??

  4. Yes :) droolable!! My dad was standing behind me looking at the pics- i can see the gleam in his eyes!



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