Saturday, 26 May 2007

Second Breakfast @ Restaurant Hong Lim-Subang

Second breakfast? Remember the two hobbits in Lord of the rings? They had second breakfasts.

Today is Yoga day and the night before dad wanted to try the dim sum @ restaurant Hong Lim in SS15, Subang. He reminded me that we will go after my Yoga class. I gleefully thought- "Pictures...!"

Where is the shop located? It is right behind Gazebo in SS15. You cant miss it as it is a corner shop and with a sign that i am going to show you, it is a sure-fire way to get there. Why second breakfast? I have light brekkie before my yoga starts at 8 and then second breakfast after yoga loh.... Very hungry after the sweating and stretching. >_*.

Did you see the sign- "Life Crabs"? Huh.........................

Neko Touchan was a bit apprehensive about me.. why? Cameras again. He kept saying "put it away".... :P Not... took secret shots when he was not looking.

Ok, select your choice of Dim Sum from here. They have plenty! Siew Mai, Sui Kow, i spotted Phoenix Eyes!Fishball fried or otherwise.. The list goes on. Those who like er Foong Chau.. Orsoe got. You select what you want- and they will deliver it to your table.

Sorry for the far shot. Was hiding behind the giant steamer- away from TouChan's prying eyes.
Ah! The steamer- never seen such a large one before. All the food is steamed here, transfer to the selection tray. I noticed they had chee cheong fun HK style as well. Plus! They have woo kok and the more pastry styled dim sum inside. Sorry- no shots. Guess why.

We took take-away cos KaChan and Otoutou was at home. So here is what we bought.
Woo Kok or Deep fried Yam stuff with BBQ Pork. Quite light and fluffy however the filling could use a bit more oomph. Nevertheless it was not bad.

Lovely looking Har Kau- Prawn dumpling. Quite nice to taste. Some shops have that weird prawn smell like medicine smell but the prawns here was fresh. See the Siew Mai and Fish ball behind?

Siew Mai- my favourite. A bit tiny but tasty. Note they were very stingy with take away chilli sauce.Not enough leh.

Kachan ate this. No idea how it tasted like. She cant eat the rest of the stuff above- so we bought her fishball. Her comments was -"Good!".

Tommorow's breakkie- CSP - Char Siew Pau. Mom commented it is more beautiful than the one in Jalan Ipoh. You all judge.
Will only know the taste tomorrow morning.

Well, i didnt have any MSG intolerance after eating at this place, so i recommend this for people living in Subang and who feel SS2 is too far away. The price wise. Reasonable. Less than RM10 according to TouChan. MBF says she wants to come here next. *Hehehe* Note: They do Tai Chau at night. This place was discovered by 1) driving past many times 2) Sam Cheong from NST - his column talked about this.

Restaurant Name:Hong Lim
Where: SS15 - Behind Gazebo
Opens early for brekkie- closes by 3pm

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