Monday, 7 May 2007

A nothing better to do neko....

Because i had meeting at the main office, i decided to drive there rather than sit in the LRT and struggle up and down in the stairs. What a better way to go to office, then to say spend 40 minutes in a car, jammed along Jalan Imbi?? *hee* It was an extremely bright day today - as if i was in Australia- clear skies and no clouds aside. So it's good photography day, only that i am stuck in the office.

After my meeting, i settled closed to Tifa's cubicle and realised she had a good view of KLCC Convention Center, Traders hotel etc surrounding area. W
hen she saw me running back to my handbag... she was already suspicious. I whip out my new camera ( very tiny one ) and pull up her cubicle blinds. The conversation sounded something like that

Tifa: Eh, what you doing??

Neko: Take photo-lah...Dont you think KL looks like New York skyline?
Tifa: What?? Where got lah- behind got construction lah.
Neko: Got-- you look at that KLConCenter and the Traders hotel- wah.. feel like new york, where's my leng chai CSI? ( Reference: to the cute
police man in CSI:NY )
Tifa: If you want to take photos- can you like take
the Mandarin Hotel pool- take people swimming.
Neko: Cannot- this camer
a cant zoom as good as my Canon S3
Tifa: (*_*)"[ wahlau eh....] go back to work can or not? Very
free ah...

Anyway, it was a very clear day in KL today and worthy of some pictures post :). Kekeke.. Pity it doesnt have a stitch function like more pro-consumer cameras but isnt the view nice :) And the sky is clear! Perhaps it is a sign of good things to come.. i hope :)

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