Sunday, 6 May 2007

Anjappar's @ Bangsar

This is going to be a very short food post, cos I didnt get too many food pictures. Two of my colleagues decided to look for greener pastures, one back to india and the other decided to transfer to another department. So we all decided to have a big farewell. And because one of them is Indian, naturally we picked Indian Food. The place of choice is Anjappar's @ Bangsar, Jalan Maarof. It is on the same row as Public Bank and you cant miss it. It's aircon by the way.

Not sure if alot of people know this - according to my indian colleagues, this place does a take out. If you order > RM50, they can deliver it to you. In fact, when i was working in TPM, the consultants used to order their lovely briyani from this place.. I was drooling when i smelled it.

Some points of note for this place:
1) There is VERY scarce parking in Bangsar. Please park at the shaded car park for the price of RM2.00. Rather than you circling around like sharks.
2) This is a pricey restaurant. Becareful what you order.

3) Serving very big liao. Neko has chichai stomach.. was very full after that :(
4) This is a very Carbo post- for those on diet.. this is a no no.

I ordered the Banana leaf non vegetarian instead of the other stuff. Not sure why i wanted banana leaf that day.

My drink for the day was the mango lassi. It's milk, yoghurt and mango blended together.. Wah..very sweet. I manage to finish it but had to add cold water to make sure it is not so sweet for me.

Below, the assortment of er stuff that comes with my banana leaf rice. Btw- there is no actual banana leaf for me but a big white plate where they put the rice. I could not even finish the condiments given. I ordered Mutton Banana leaf rice, but chicken came! :(. The veggie on the right with carrots and cabbage was really yummy though. The mutton and chicken was super spicy, even my malay colleague commented it was bit too much! I had a sip of the rasam next to the yoghurt, top right to settle my burning tummy after that.

My colleague's briyani rice- vegetrian style. Tasted a bit of this. Yummy! The pot looks very small but it's packed to the brim with stuff.

I don't really mind coming back to this place to eat- but i think i need to know exactly what to order. I may try the briyani next time. Please note the price is pretty sky high. For the 17 of us, it costs us about RM340+... Wah, pengsan liao leh. I will order water only next time :P.

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