Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Neko eats Ice Cream? Tiramissyou??

The temperature has been pretty hot these days... you can check alot of people's MSN status and you can see some going - "hot like hell"... ( er.. ) etc... It has been recently and my intake of "leong siu" has increased .. not to mention my sugar level *hahaha*.

Anyway- i saw the Walls ad on tv for their range of ice-creams, so i popped over to the petronas to get "Tiramissyou". I find the naming of this punny... but perha
ps it is a marketing campaign. Ok nothing spectacular about this blog, ice-cream is ice-cream

.. When mom saw me bringing out my camera to take pictures of the ice-cream, she was like "what?? ice cream orsoe take ah?" hehehe.. Ok- picture of the cone... all wra
pped up nicely...

What's inside? Well chocolate, vanilla, i tasted coffee as well ( that is tiramisu? ). How do I find it- nothing really great but good for the weather we are having now. Nothing beats macha and my sesame seed ice-cream but there is NO japanese supermarket around USJ.

I bought 2 of this, and one normal cornetto for my dad, but my blur blur brother ate my dad's normal cornetto and dad- who is not fond of tiramisu was left with nothing!! Never mind dad- will buy more this weekend :)

Was talking to NY today on why people blog? He was asking if I blog, I said yes.. For what- he asks... I replied - dunno leh.. vent frustration... etc practice english? Hmm... never really thought about. Guess sometimes you blog for fun, to tell people what is good and share and maybe see if other people share the same thoughts as you :)

So why do you all blog?

P/S: Eat more ice-cream ah.... :D

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