Sunday, 20 May 2007

La Manila @ Midvalley

La Manila is famous for their cakes but few years back they branched out to serving dinner/lunches etc. The very first La Manila store - remember way back when i was kid was in Taman Megah. My cousin used to rave about their cakes. Sadly- she never used to belanja me back then.. *hehehe*.

Anyway- when Midvalley opened, this was one of the stores at the top floor- near the GSC cinema. It's my family's favourite.... Well mainly because there are 3 fussy eaters in the family. My ryoushin (parents) are not as adventurous as me when it comes to food, so they are like die-hard supporters of specific restaurants.

This week- to relax, we trooped there for lunch......Now- it has a set menu of stuff you can
order from but the choices are plenty. In fact recently they introduced more dishes -so dont despair if you hear me say "set menu". I pulled out my camera as soon as we sat down and Neko Tou-chan said... " dearie... could you stop taking pictures of food? People are looking".... Eh- how to practice like that? (-_-)"

Curry Chicken Rice

First up- Neko Otousan's favourite- Curry Chicken Rice. This a generous helping of 2 pieces of chicken- drummy and upper thigh. Sorry no chicken boobs. I asked. Topped with their Acar and Papadams. The sauce is yummylicious! Actually i love this but i cannot finish it, so i will always steal my dad's portion. I think this is great- now i need to find people to share this with me.

Assam Laksa

Since my last outing at Vintry- i stopped taking oily food! Still recovering (and still have not posted the food blog ) so ka-chan and me had Assam Laksa. Good! i love the soup, the noodles and the fish. They dont use sardine fish but actual fish. Think it is kembong. As usual i O.D on the black stuff you put on Assam laksa.

And the piece the resistance of that day- their Curry Laksa.... arrgh.. i regret eating too much on friday. Neko-Ototou's favourite dish. Curry Mee Hoon Mee. Look at the color.......................... Served with large prawns ( two ) lots of foo pok, foo chok and also cockles ( not my favourite). I think it has either chicken pieces or shredded chicken meat. This is worthy! And a good competitor to Ah loy curry noodles in Taman Oug! :P
The Curry Noodles!

They have other worthy stuff to eat there. Their pies are quite good as well. I usually eat them when i dont want a heavy meal or my tummy is not acting write. I must say you need try their Prawn Mee- O-i-s-h-i-i!

The prices are not bad, curry noodles and laksa is about RM9 while the rice is about RM10 if recall. Normally we go for water and the total damage is about RM49 for 4 persons. It's rather cheap compared to eating at Madam Kwan's and more fulfilling than the Penang place in level 2. They serve dinner /lunches and if you dont want heavy food- go for the cakes.

Where: Midvalley- same level as the Cinema- next to the Vietnamese restaurant.
MSG Laden: No.

P/S: Just to harp on how yummy their curry noodles is-.... another shot... see the prawn?


  1. Yup, definitely my favourite place to eat in Mid Valley as well. Just blogged about them again recently. Oh you must try their Shanghai Noodle! ;)

  2. la manila serves pretty good local food and i like their fried "kuewteow".. and da cakes, ohhhhh so sinfully good!

  3. Hajimemashite tankiasu :). Ok will take note of the shanghai noodle and try next time. Come to think of it - it's the most value for money place in MV! :p

    Hello meiyen: :) nice to meet you. Yes CKT my fav as well. Do do try their curry chicken rice.. Absolutely great!! :D

  4. Hi NekoHime,
    Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on, thanks.



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