Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Aiyo what a day

Did i just post yesterday it was very hot? Gosh and today it rained like cats and dogs!!! I have what my mother says - bad mouth. Say something good- but the opposite happens. When i woke up this morning it was pouring and i was like - "Ok, it is going to be cold today".... My nose twitched after that... i knew the day will not go well. Russell was howling the whole morning. He hates rain and lightning.

Started with my car- got problem... ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH...... Had to call Lil'Bro who was already on the way to work at TPM to "PUSING BALIK and Fetch me"... He did so without the slightless complain and we start the journey to TPM...

Then... Jam................... aiyo..... from Subang to TPM took about an hour!! :( Stress liao. Lil bro started to lose patience in the car and decided to drum his feet.... Finally reached TPM, i was about burst my bladder already and i was soaked... no umbrella. Not good not good. Saw someone i was not pleased to see in the office... was thinking.. "What is this person doing here??" *ngum, ngum,ngum*

Had demo at 10.. demo-er was also late, stressed and harassed. But she was not as late as the users.. Hahaha. Thank god this turned out pretty well. :) Can start to smile already.

By the time i know it- it's Lunch! Went to eat cheap cheap chap fan at Sri Kembangan with Joyce, Adrian and Aloysius. No food pictures here... not in the mood... But had a good lunch as we were talking about Adrian's upcoming wedding preparations / blogging and all sorts of stuff. Poor guy was worried about $$ and also getting recommendations from us what are the best choices of stuff to pick up from. Think that was my highlight of the day- talking to them, i was just thinking, it was a year ago when we were all working in TPM together and how time seems to fly.

Other thing is - first time I sat Aloysius car! hehehe, i have this thing about sitting people's car.. Get to enjoy or experience how other people drive.

Rest of the day was either mundane or irritating. Complains from users, more work- more stress. Lil Bro picked me up super late today. But then a big thank u to him for coming all the way back. Hehehe... You will have some of the 15.60 :)

Dad came back from Ipoh today :) has food for me. :D... Am making a trip to Ho Ho steamboat this friday.. Everyone -budget please ah- below RM20!!!!!

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