Thursday, 10 May 2007

Loh Chee Yoke- Braised Pork with Egg Mom's style

Mom was in one of her good moods - so she made Loh Chee Yoke- braised pork. I dont know which style is hers but she claims it is our Cantonese style dishes but it is damn tasty! Am biased ya know...

I believe the ingredients are garlic, dark sauce, light soy sauce, sugar and she puts ungrounded pepper in it, to get rid of any porky smell and make it smells ravishing. Mom also adds egg ( one whole egg ) during the cooking process and you get a nice aroma from it too.

The Loh Chee Yoke- is good with rice and I like it with lots, lots of sauce on the rice and if preferable the whole egg :) I only got 1/2 last night. My family are egg fanatics. Eggs of any form will be eaten with great pleasure.

My pictures were not up to par today- hand was shaky and my dad was actually making his usual funny comments so my concerntration got lost some where. :)

Wah look at the egg? Dripping with sauce... and the pork- with right amounts of fat and meat. Mom removes the skin cos she says it's "gross" hehehehe. Neko normally does not take fat but in this case it is an exception. Point to note- i also dont eat this dish when it is cooked by other people. Only mom's! The neko was happy last night :) U-r-e-s-h-i-i

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