Saturday, 12 May 2007

Ho Ho Steamboat- Part 2 Sri Petaling Branch

You must think i am nuts to eat steamboat in this weather. But we did!! A bunch of us - Tifa/Ero-Ero, Neko(atashi!!), Neko Lil Bro and Cel went for Ho Ho steamboat dinner last night. I was raving about the pork balls and the Siu Kow in my last outing at the Jalan Ipoh branch - so they decided to go.

The Sri Petaling Branch, i find is more crowded than the Jalan Ipoh one. You are sitting outside of the road there and people are just parking behind you. I
found that a bit disturbing. A point to note to ladies- do not leave your handbag just lying there, if you happen to sit outside, it is very easy for people to snatch your stuff.

That aside- Neko was the first to arrive, so was given the task to order. For 5 persons, i shouted at the waiter.... cos he seemed hard of hearing and i was like tensed from the traffic. No sooner i sat down, the hotpot came.The clear broth steam boat soup- think they only have clear broth

Ho Ho goes with a concept you need to specify how many persons eating, and they will bring you a big plate of stuff consisting of fish noodles ( yuck )
, fishballs, quail eggs! (yum!!), pork balls, fish, prawns, yam(?),sui kow, foo pei, tau foo, tau kan, tau pok, fish stuff rolls and assorted veggie. Stuff like fish balls, pork balls all you get based on the number of persons you ordered for but the rest like the foo pei it is like free for all.. The white patches on top is their famous Sui Kow. It looks like a mountain cause the veggie is all at the bottom. It never fails to make my eyes go big every time i see such a large plate of stuff. It is also accompanied by bee hoon, 2 big yee meen and 5 eggs. Note: Since i am from Ipoh, the ipoh style steamboat used to be accompanied by Wantan meen noodles, which i think tasts superb with a soup that is ladden with sweet stuff inside. Er, why did i say yuck for fish noodle? I find it geli!! Sorry- this is not my favourite though the others seem to love it!
There is an art to lifting the stuff from this plate to the hot pot. And i dont think we mastered it. There were running away fishballs and quail eggs, followed by screams of "EEEEEEEEEEEH"..... when something was dropped. It was the same at the Jalan Ipoh branch. Cel was shaking her head with disbelief when the dinners were starring at our screams of "arrgh- fishball running away".... Everyone agreed that the Porkballs and Sui Kow were great however no seconds were ordered as we had a lot of drinks.

Dump all the noodles in and Boil!

We manage to finish all the noodles and the guys had a great time with egg cooking. There was a running competition going on for who can cook a egg withou
t messing up the whole pot! Not bad for everyone, manage to do it without disgusting the rest.

Not sure what was the above dish, but it was made of soya stuff, it aint tau kan, or tau pok but was extremely tasty.

We were so full that day- dinner was accompanied by many COLD drinks, other assortment of food(another post) sold by other people and good laughter and company. Only thing i dont like about the place is you worry about your purse and bag most of the time which spoils some of the fun as you are on alert who is always behind you. The other grouse is, the place smells a bit. So becareful of that, when you get a whiff of nice soup, it is followed by some foul smell somewhere!!

But do try out this shop or it is related shops. Click Ho Ho to find out more shops.

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