Saturday, 5 May 2007

A little Dim Sum Place@SS2

Funny things happened today while out for lunch today.

1) My brother drove today cos my parents took my car, on the way back from the restaurant, i keep looking for my kenari in the car park. While finding a match for my car, my brother was standing the other side going "what the fish are you doing there??" Oops... forgot i am not driving today. 2) I forgot to bring my purse! But i brought my camera! Talk about priorities!!!

Well parents decided to dump us today - and go off with my mom's sisters.. So left me and bro. He is more adventurous then parents, and when he heard dim sum - he was l
ike "i am game". So we trooped to SS2 to a place called " A little dim sum place".. It was packed :(. Well we were late anyway. Someone wanted to play the last bits of World of Warcraft... Grrr.
The crowd at A.L.D.S.P
What did we have btw? I think a lot. 1)Drinks 2) Siu Mai ( 2 trays ) 3) Steamed Fish Ball 4) Ramen with dried gravy and mince pork 4) Char Siew Pau 5) Mushroom dumpling. And it was only for 2 persons. The owner was a bit worried when bro called for the menu. He went like "You all haven't finish the noodles yet ...". I told him- Bro eats more than me *Grinz*. Maybe all the sweating at the gym has made me hungry. I wanted to try what Precious Pea recommended - the Phoenix dumplings but i couldnt find it :(. Argh never mind. The next time.

First up, our drinks. We had Longan and Sea Coconut, cold. Quite refreshing and not too sweet. Bro had two cups of this. Could do with more sea coconut in it. :)
A cup of Sea Coconut and Longan

Wah- lots of fat longan. :)

The drinks came pretty fast since it was already taken from the fridge but the food takes a bit longer. I suspect they steam your order together as about 5 minutes later- all the food came.

Our order- Siew Mai, CSP and the steamed fish balls.
Our siew mai- didnt go for the King Siew Mai.

The siew mai was tasty. Bro loved it- he had 2 plates of this. I jelak after the second plate. It was better than Cel and my try at Shanghai 10. ( Sorry- no posts cos i forgot my camera that day ) Anyway my only comment is that they could have done with using lean meat? While chewing this, i found some fat bits of pork- Sure my mom will be "no-no" but it will make it a more healthier choice :)

Steamed Fish balls

I fully agree with Pea on this choice of dish. It's very nice and springy. Who would think such an ordinary dish- can be so tasty? You must eat this with the chilli and sweet sauce. [Sorry if the pics are not bright- am playing with my new camera Olympus m1000, still dunno how to control ]

Char Siew Pau - Nothing really special.

Fluffy Pau- must say the dough is fluffable.
Ramen with dried gravy and mince pork- "Kon Loh Mee"

I don't really favour this dish. Brother wanted this, while i wanted the fried yam cake but since he wanted a more sufficient lunch, i agreed. This is just like my mom's kon loh mee only she makes it much better. The mushroom used was hard :( Dont think that noodles are one of their signature dishes.

Mushroom Dumpling.

This is stuffed with pork and all sorts of mushrooms. There was the enoki mushroom i spotted inside. Quite tasty and the sauce was good. At this point, i was super full already.

My verdict: Place is worth to go again for the dim sum, not the noodles. I am actually wanting to try the tong sui as well. They have some ranges of it but i didnt get to try. One thing also, the shop is advertising Manggo Tong Yuen as in the Ah Wong series. The dishes cost me and bro RM35. Bro thinks it is pricey but once in a while it is ok.

Location of shop: SS2/63 behind Eu Yang Sang. You cant miss it, it's exteremly crowded. An air con :)

A note as well. I am actually MSG intolerant, after eating this, about 2 hours later i was extremely thirsty :P. But it doesnt stop me from coming again.

For other review's of A.L.D.S.P please check out Precious Pea's site and KampungBoyCityGal. ( Wah- long word)


  1. I wanna have dim sum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    September, September!! :)

  2. You will have to eat more than dim-sum when u come back. Hohohoho

  3. I heard the Prawn Dumpling Noodle Soup is good but Mango Tong Yuen has got bad review from many food bloggers. Aiyooo..Phoenix Eye a must must try!

  4. To precious pea: Argh.. i know i wanted the phoenix eye. never mind.. will go again :) only for the dim sums!!javascript:void(0)
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