Saturday, 5 May 2007

Secret Recipe Health Cake Range

To cheer me up, Tifa and I decided to go and get some cakes. Initially it was drinks but then- I dont normally have a strong tummy for alcohol, let alone i am driving on my own, so we went for Cakes. I never really blogged about cakes before so hey why not.

We went to the Secret Recipe in Avenue K - and ordered some cakes well 2 pieces only. Tifa and I normally are not large eaters. I read in Mei Yin's blog about Secret Recipe's health range, so we decided to order this. Besides... there was no tiramisu that day :(. Neko sad. Day was getting worse.

Anyway- here are the pics of the cakes we ordere
d. I ordered a Trans-fat free peach cream cake. Taste wise- not bad. Suppose to contain only the necessary fats. It was nice a few spoons down but I found it a bit sweet though. Tifa ordered a Sugar Free moist chocolate Cake. I think hers tasted nicer than mine :). I naturally prefer chocolate more and they warmed the cake up before serving to you.
Hehe- i still prefer hers anyway. We made an ex-colleague who joined us finish what we could not. Slices were large but maybe it was too jelakky after while i found it a bit too much. Well, Tifa treated me- thank you :) for the food and listening and trying to cheer me up. Am better now.

Btw- i had to work it all off on Saturday's Yoga class. Pain liao leh...

More on Secret Recipe's cakes can be found at their website. Enjoy! :)


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