Wednesday, 16 May 2007

It's one of those days

To be a little be self-depreciating- i think i am running the longest streak of worst day ever. Like a two month thingy. And my food blog is turning into a dear diary section! Well - i did say i will be blog about anything.

I had good points to look forward to today:
* Everyone got stuck in jam- i didn't :) i missed some how.
* There was a big problem in work- but somehow i dont need to rectify it. Which is a rarity.
* Precious Pea- says that in Taman OuG- there is beef ball noodles - ooh i work around Taman Oug- i am like there man.
* Russell is loosing his puppy teeth and out comes a new adult teeth! Hehehe- toothless dog

However, mom gave some sad news today. My dad's cousin, passed away yesterday of cancer. Sad to say, i dont even really know here. She was here all along in KL, but i rarely even see her and if i walk around the streets, she'd passed me by, i wouldnt even know her at all. I dont think i just realised it, but some of your relatives- you feel you dont even know at all. The last i saw aunty k.s was during my late grandfather's 90'th birthday celebration 3 years back. Sometimes i think it's very sad to not know most of your relatives. Well, i hope to make up for lost time.

Aunty K.S may you rest in peace.

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