Monday, 14 May 2007

Dorama- Tokyo Tower 2007

I bought this dorama with trepidiation. Hayami Mokomochi? Eh... Pretty good looking guy but acting wise- still a long way to go. If you cannot recall what show he acted in - Think RONDO- evil brother, and Brother Beat

Not expecting much - i just plugged the DVD in and started to watch. Well i am hooked. I thought it was Mokomichi acting like in brother beat -yes, he did but then he had greater depth this time around. The premise of the story is a young boy and his mother trying to strike it out on their own after both parents divorced. Mokomichi- playing Nakagawa Masaya ( ma-kun), choices to follow his mother. The japanese women normally are not really accepted back home after divorces, so poor ma-kun's mom ( called Okan here ) struggles to keep more than one job to take care of him.

It's a pretty sad story and very inline with mother's day last week. Ma-kun, all grown up, is typical of young adult, thinking his mom is nothing but a pure embarassment for him. Hm.. remember the time you felt your mom was the same? Bet all kids tot the same. Mokomichi plays the spoilt ma-kun to aplomp till sometimes i wanted to smack him sometimes.

Okan- is selfless- no matter what Ma-kun does to her, she still thinks only of him and that her son is perfect in all aspects. The story takes you through Ma-kun's trial in life such as graduation, getting a job in Tokyo and through all their trials in life. Ma-kun realises the sacrifices his mom and his grandmother put through to make sure he has a good life ahead.

Wont spoil everyone's fun by giving out so many details but do check out. Sometimes you may see some of yourself in this show. :D Tissues are required.

The theme song is quite nice- Sang by the people who did the theme song for Ruri No SHima. The song is called
Tsubomi by Kobukoro.

No pics this time :|

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