Thursday, 17 May 2007

Lunch of Beef Ball Noodles @ Alison- Sri Petaling

Inspired by precious pea's beef ball pics- i went in search of it. Neko Bro was in TPM as well and he called "Lunch?" - Ok lah - rarely he ask me for lunch so when he ask-must accept. I proposed Taman Oug but he was less then impressed with the parking so we decided to go Alison in Sri Petaling..

Still with beef balls on our mind- we actually found one in Alison- hm never noticed it there. So we ordered...
My Beef balls with Bee Hoon/Mi- Soup Based

Neko Bro's dry version with added beef meat.

Verdict: Ok - not bad. This more towards chinese style based Beef noodle soup. I like the darker soup kinds as it is strong in white radish and more hearty in taste. The beef balls were springy and crunchy - :) Good- not the soft kind. The chilli- wah super hot.......

Alison is not classy eatery it's hawker style and the place is a bit stinky and hot during lunch. While eating half way, i had a whiff of dunno what smell- almost barfed. *fuyoh*. But it has a range of other food you can get there if you are not fond of Beef.

Location: Go past Endah Parade( really sad shopping center ) and turn left on the traffic light. It's a corner shop with a big sign- you cant miss it. Cheap eats for lunch.

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