Monday, 30 April 2007

Trials and Tribulation of Russell

Russell is naughty. The howling continues... Arrgh... In fact i think it is beginning to sound like a chorus from a broadway musical. He starts the howling @ 2:00am in the morning..... Guess he doesnt like being in the house on his own. Comet is less than impressed with the noise.
Look Ma- i have big paws

I think having Russell is a major distraction for me now. He's quite cute and such a bundle of energy, i just enjoy looking and playing with him. We finally figured
out that he may be a cross between a doberman as well. Such large paws......! Having Russell also distracts me from my problems. Anyway, Comet is suffering from being neglected or he feels he is. When my aunts came to look at Russell - (yes they did), he did not take too kindly to their "aww- russell handsome boy leh".... And snapped at Russ that day. But we have been very sensitive to Comet and decided to sayang him a bit more. What can i say, the emotion of jealousy and being loved is actually a universal feeling between man and animal kind. Everyone wants to be loved and feel that they are loved.

It's also funny when we put both Comet and Russ in the same cage, their backs face each other... Amusing! But i have to give credit to Comet, he's been extremely patient though he wants to nip Russell twice, he hasnt done anything really mean or hurtful yet.

I know some of you have seen my lack of spirit recently and wondering what's wrong. Well, Fren and I have been having issues between us. Somehow or rather it affects me more than it does for him. At the moment, we see no way out of our situation. Guess the issue took us both by suprise and we are now not able to deal with it. For me, the last month has been hell. I sometimes look back and think is this some kinda of tribulation we have to go through? Or this is a sign that this is not meant to be was too good to be true. Well, it's not funny, I dont like this feeling and it really sucks.
My reaction to problems like this are - avoiding it. I guess i dont handle it very well. His reaction is let's deal with it the way he sees fit not. I dont think it sounds like a 2 way discussion but it is he decide, i have to accept, doesnt work that way buster. At times like this- i dont know who to turn to talk to. Have talked till the cows come home with my GFS but I do realise in the end, it is my decision to make. Sounds like a korean drama doesnt it? *Grinz*...

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