Sunday, 29 April 2007

Having a Puppy is like having a new baby

Ok. I had very little sleep last night because i was woken up at ungodly hours by 1) Howling 2) Whimpering 3) Barking!!! Russell is having a tough time adjusting to his new place. We looked him up in the housed occupied by Mei Mei and Comet last time. Poor Comet is stuck outside. We all suspect he is a mix of jack russell and doberman. gosh that is a weird combination.

It was raining last night with storms and all. he didnt t
ake too well to it. He had some mild diarrohea as well. Pooped in the dog house, made it worse for him.. aarrgh...................But it's hard to get mad at him, he 's so cute. Check out his face :D. He loves licking people.... funny little doggie!

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