Sunday, 8 April 2007

Snacks-Char Siu Soh

I am into snacks recently. Not into big foods, dunno why. Dad wanted his favourite egg tarts from a place near SS18 but they didnt have. Only had Char Siu Soh and Siew Pau... For me it is a good time to take pictures.

Anyway char siu soh is made of pastry stuffed with chopped char siew and then baked to near fluffiness. Mom used to make this but never again. My verdict- it was so so. Kinda Oily on the plate after eating. Good pastry should not be oily and should be light
Real close up of a Char Siu Soh.

If it is not really clear, it is actually triangular shaped.

Real Pretty Shape
The neko has taken a bite out of it. Note the Char Siew in side.

Can't tell you all where i can get really good ones but probably when i find some i will let you all know.

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