Saturday, 7 April 2007

Smelly Cats.........

I am by name- Neko Hime, means cat princess. You would think i adore anything about cats. Yes i like cats but... i cant stand the smell of their POO!! Aaarrgh..... My neighbour has several cats which none of them are officially hers. They just hang around because her late husband used to feed them and they continue to grow, grow, grow. So much inbreeding that the cats all end up looking a bit a like. And they poo every where. They are not afraid of Comet.. Comet- you are no longer fearful!! Even sato the squirrel is not afraid of you.

The smell of the poo hits me like a whack in the nose. Open the front door in the morning and went "bLEARHGH" ... How can? So unhealthy................................... Sigh how do you tell your neighbour something like this? Picture above- one of her bums in her house. Isnt the eyes so green? Creepy.

I like cats- i used to know of some that are clean and less smelly. Or maybe that person dealt with the poo in a better way.

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