Sunday, 8 April 2007

Shop, Shop, Shop!!

I take the oppurtunity to blog like crazy over the weekend. Cos i dont have time over weekdays. Anyway the worse thing happen to me.... my camera ran out batteries today *argh* so i didnt get any pictures of my Taro Ramen lunch. Nevertheless it didnt deserve a picture anyway- so so food only.

I bought lots of stuff today! It is a good shopping day! Stuff bought:
  • Lovely turquoise dress for MBF's wedding. Halter neck style with two layer skirts.
  • Two handbags! One for normal days and the other for dinner and turquoise in color!
  • 2 doramas and a anime.
  • Almost bought a turquoise shoes in Vincci but NO SIZE!! :(

i had like large large bags with stuff inside. hehehehehe - worthy of a blog mention for me.

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