Saturday, 7 April 2007

Neko likes Japanese Okashii

Dear blogspot- the hindi fonts thingy is really annoying......I can't get my title right. Ok this is not a restaurant food blog but i wanted to show you all what i bought in Isetan - KLCC. I was there for a whole day of work. Parking was hell! I paid RM26 for parking :(. Luckily it is claimable.

Anyway, i miss Isetan- i only used to work next door but moving to Plaza Sentral to me was like moving to fox river detention camp. So what better way after a work shop then to go shopping at KLCC? Traffic was hell around 7 something so i stayed around till 8:30 to do some shopping.

Isetan has a good range of japanese food and thanks to MBF, i am a really japanese snack food convert. Now i have to apologize for the watermark trial version appearing- i was trying out some watermarking and didnt know it will put the word trial version there! :( I spent the whole morning cleaning up this pix and i was lazy to redo all this. *SOB*

My assortment of stuff purchased, (back- left -right): Kettle chips - Yogurt and onion flavoured, Caramel Corn, Fran strawberry sticks. (front- left- right): Bourbon vanilla flavoured and mar poh tau foo sauce. All in all- came up to RM47.90.

Mar poh tau foo sauce- Just add tofu. I became addicted to this while studying in Australia. Yes, australia. This is suprisingly good sauce. Just add tofu, mushrooms and pork if you will, cook it in the microwave and "ta-da" instant food. Add rice to it. It takes about 5 mins in the microwave ( i read japanese). Jaya Jusco has the smaller version for like 1 persons in plastic pack but this will do for today. I am going to make my own bento sometime next week.

Ah my favourite Ichigo sticks! ( Strawberry sticks) instant food gratification. Not sure why they are called Fran though. There is a guy's version of this in black and green.

Vanilla flavoured Bourbon biscuits. I have tried the strawberry version- that was nice but then the vanilla looks good as well.

Caramel flavoured Corn- Gosh... sounds fattening. MBF is hooked on this. Seems it was cheaper when the Meiji Food fair was on. One thing i miss about Isetan is their food festivals. There were so many things to eat.... Sigh .... can i move back to KLCC please?
Finally something non japanese - Kettle brand Chips. Bro says this is the Coffee bean brand. Really? Hmm i always like things with onion. But i noticed something... it says cool, CREAMY and Green.... Green??? What?

Have not opened any of this stuff yet. The chips and caramel corn stay at home for bro and me, mah por tau foo is for lunch, the rest is for my office days to make me happy.

Now.... if only i got my two pairs of shoes from Nose yesterday.... damn. Last pair in the shop.

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