Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Bak Kut Teh @ Chao Zhou Subang Jaya

I ate BKT. Was craving for some lean BKT. So bro and i trouped to a restaurant called Chao Zhou in Subang. It is in the same row as the Hyundai Berjaya in SS14.

They serve the light version of the BKT not the darker one which we are fonder of. The restaurant serves the usual:
* Mixed parts BKT

* Lean meat BKT
* Loh Chee yoke - braised pork
* Standard veggies etc ( 3 kinds )

Bro specifically requested for White rice so that i dont oil up there. Anyway some pictures using my Kodak camera close up function to take this
Ah YCK- oily fried ghosts..... at first i saw the bowl looks small - lucky didnt get seconds... was so full after that.

The BKT itself- lucky no pork smell. Tasty soup though and so far no reaction to MSG yet

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