Thursday, 5 April 2007

An eventful week

This week hasnt been really a good week - so i have not been posting. I am glad the week is ending already cos i was about to give up on alot of things.

Things that happen:
  • Almost and very accident prone this week. CRVS are making a beeline for me this week. Luckily I am ok, mo-chuen mo lan.
  • Personal problems I cannot get out of. Still having them but learning to live it with. Many thanks to MBF and Tifa for getting me through
  • Too much too much work. - is this bad luck or just this is normal. How do people work where there is so little resources, so much work.
  • Because of all this, my appetite is about as weak as weak tea... argh.
  • Funny beating heart... today my heart was beating like a rabbit's unnecessary - doctor check up next week :( Learn new thing though. Dad is extremely good at checking heart beats
I hope this ends.... my tolerance level for torture is already maxed out.

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