Thursday, 12 April 2007

Karei Naru Ichizoku

Directly translated it means Wealthy Clan. This is a dorama from TBS which stars my all time fav Takuya Kimura. First saw him in Long Vacation and it was love at first sight. Been his fan since 2000 and it's like 7 years already!

The story is based on a novel of similar title. The Manpyo clan is extremely rich yet is a family filled with lies, deceit, mistrusts among the family members. Takuya plays Manypo Teppei, the oldest son in the family, who has his own steel factory. Daisuke the father, runs the Hanshin banks in Kobe. Teppei and Daisuke are always at logger heads because of this hatred Daisuke had for the grandfather - keisuke.

The shows follow the storyline whereby Teppei wants build the best steel factory in Kobe- however faces may obstacles from his dad who secretly works behind his back to ensure he fails

It is one of TK's stellar performance as the cool and controlled Teppei. I am not going to say much about this show as you need to watch it. Think all rich people are happy? Think again. The ending will shock you. Go get it. The desperado song playing through out the show is suited for it.

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