Friday, 13 April 2007

Ho Ho Steamboat(Pulau Ketam)@ jalan Ipoh

I actually love a good steamboat- so when NY asked me to partner him for steamboat, i was game on friday night. Helps me take my mind off stuff. Furthermore- there were 2 other couples there during the din-din, so that is why he wanted a partner that night ... LOL... Otherwise he becomes a big lamp post.

Well we went to Jalan Ipoh to have our steam boat. Man.... it was actually quite near KL but took us an hour to get there on friday night. And it is right smack of Jalan Ipoh in a old house. Day time it is the Jalan Ipoh Yong Tau Foo, night time it is Ho Ho steamboat.

We ordered Clear soup steam boat and one big plate of stuff. I didnt take a lot of shots in that place cos it was pretty dark and i was pretty pooped!

They had the usual fish noodles, quail eggs ( ooh yummy ), fish ball- we dropped a few down the floor.... Sui Kow ( Second helpings was required), pork balls ( also second helping), foo chook, taufu, more fish, lots of veggies. It comes with some special dipping sauce- of chilli, garlic. The soup was naturally sweet so i didnt put much chilli in it. Actually- we were so full- we didnt even touch the noodles and eggs.

Ho Ho Steamboat has several branches in Kl area and even have a website, which suprised some of us. Steamboat shop with website?? For those who are really curious, check it out:

According to NY- you should only go to the Sri Petaling branch when you have production issues- LOL. You will have good ideas after a steamboat.

I was never so full after this- but it is not the fattening kind of fullness. Recommended on a cold rainy day and when you want to sit down with close friends and just chat.


  1. Hey, is cass here.
    I got to recommand a good place for u and your friends.
    We are from pulau ketam and running a seafood steamboat in klang since 2002.
    You may drop by to have a try.
    For further info , you may visit

    hope to you you here.
    have a nice day.

  2. Hi Cass, sure :) i am a steamboat fan. Will round up my makan crew to join me.



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