Saturday, 28 April 2007


L-R: Hiro Nakamura,?, Nathan Petrelli, Peter Petrelli, Niki Lawson, Mohinder, Matt, Claire Bennet,?, Isaac Mendez

Yatta!! That's Hiro Nakamura's cry in Heroes. I started watching this recently after listening to the hype and i must agree this is a great show! :). I have ? above in the names cos i cannot remember everyone's names!

The story starts on the premise that everyone is not the same and that there are people who are special. They can be genetically different or are they engineered? That is one of the questions that floats around this show when some of them discovered a mark on their body. The people in this show have really special powers. Hiro - can play with time, stop it, fast forward it, rewind etc. Nathan Petrelli can fly! This would be a good power to have in Malaysia. Avoid jams by flying. While Peter the brother, can absorb other people's power.

Best is, Claire has super healing powers. I find this totally freaky. Means you literally cannot die. :P. And not all powers are good, there are some that are good people but have bad powers. Am not telling in case I spoil's someone's fun. I find i cannot stop watching this, as it gets more complicated. You start to wonder if they have powers because they are naturally born that way or someone made them that way. And... they are not the only few, along the show, you will find other people having special powers.

Now i am stuck at episode 11, arrgh i need my dose of this .. Heroes i believe is showing on astro... You can alternatively find it on er *** or you can download. Watch it.

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